Security professionals invited to try out innovative new comms technology for free

Security professionals invited to try out innovative new comms technology for free

Security specialists are being offered the chance to try out a groundbreaking new walkie talkie technology that promises to keep patrol teams and personnel better connected at all times.

Two way radio specialist Brentwood Communications is inviting security firms to sign up for a free trial of IDARO, an innovative solution which combines the best features of traditional radio and mobile phone technology. 

By using data networks (3G, 4G and WiFi), IDARO offers universal coverage, solving the limited range and distance issues familiar to two way radio users. This is of particular benefit to security details operating on the move or across multiple sites, as alerts, calls for back up and information can be reliably shared any time, any place in real time 

The limitless range of IDARO radios helps to improve safety and speed up response times on the back of more efficient and effective coordination. On top of that, as a thoroughly modern smart solution, IDARO integrates seamlessly with other systems, offering scope to replace multiple devices with one.

Brentwood Communications is also hosting a free online webinar on January 23rd for anyone interested in learning more about what IDARO is, how it works and what its benefits are.

Tendring District Council Community Safety Team

The IDARO system has been successfully adopted by the Anti-Social Behaviour and Community Safety team at Tendring District Council, which covers the towns of Harwich and Clacton-on-Sea on Essex’s north east coast. The department phased out use of two way radios several years ago as officers experienced frequent signal blackspots, relying on officers’ mobile phones for communication out on patrol. 

But the team quickly found this inadequate, largely because of the inconvenience of setting up group calls on the move to keep all officers in touch with each other at once. So they approached Brentwood Communications to talk about what they needed.

Community Safety Officer Adam McGoldrick said: “We were looking to improve communication between teams and officers. IDARO enables quick communication without the need to reach for your phone, unlock and dial numbers. The system is versatile, you can either use the roaming SIM card or a WIFI network. For example, our seafronts team in the summer have poor phone single down on the prom, but we have WiFi there so their radios stay linked at all times.

“IDARO has allowed officers to stay in contact during their working day safe in the knowledge that should they require emergency assistance, they can activate their SOS button, and this will alert other officers who will be in a better position to either respond or call for assistance. It has also provided officers with a direct link to our CCTV control room.”

Breakthrough in Workplace Communications

Brentwood Communications is a distributor of IDARO in the UK and Europe. The company’s CEO, James Miller, describes the fusion of two way radio technology with mobile data connectivity as the biggest breakthrough he’s seen in workplace communications. 

“Two way radios are still the gold standard for workplace communications because they are simple, robust and incredibly reliable. But it is a fact that they are limited by transmission range. By operating via a wireless internet connection, including 3G and 4G mobile networks, IDARO removes those limitations.

“It’s a real revolution for professional communications. Instead of being limited to talking to colleagues in the same building or on the same site, you can talk to colleagues, individually and in groups, anywhere in the world, all at the touch of a button. And it’s not just voice communication, either. Text and live chat, video calls, picture messaging, connecting to team apps and work platforms - IDARO can do it all.”

Tom Boatman, Head of Innovation at Brentwood Communications, explains how IDARO works: “IDARO has three essential components, what we call its ‘three pillars’,” he said. “You need a device, the IDARO app, and an internet connection. 

“With the IDARO app, users within the same call groups can use their existing mobile phones or a purpose-built radio device. We recommend mobile-ready smart radios because they are tougher, built to industry standards and easier to use than conventional smartphones. For example, they feature that push-to-talk button, that old standard of two way radio that lets you talk to a group with a single touch.”

Tom added that IDARO also offers unlimited integration with other apps and work systems, meaning users can combine communication with other essential functions all in one device. “In that sense, it’s again just like using a smartphone,” he said. “Security teams can benefit from adding location sharing services to further improve incident responses, for example by using real time route planning apps to get to the scene as quickly as possible in case of heavy traffic or road closures. 

“Broadcast calls routed through a control room help to relay critical information quickly and efficiently where it is most needed. To this you can add live video streaming, again at the touch of a button, helping colleagues heading to a scene understand the context of an incident better and also gather evidence which might be needed later.

“Everything you need, it’s all there in one device.”

The webinar showcasing how the IDARO system works is free to all and will take place at 12.30pm on Tuesday, January 23rd. Click here to register, or visit


To arrange a free trial of IDARO for your business, contact the Brentwood Communications sales team on 020 3904 5684. You can also follow Brentwood Communications on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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