Dormakaba UK & Ireland launches BS EN 13637 compliant escape route system

Dormakaba UK & Ireland launches BS EN 13637 compliant escape route system

Leading provider of security, entrance and access solutions, dormakaba has launched a new escape route system, SafeRoute. Designed to keep buildings and doors secure whilst allowing a safe means for evacuation in an emergency situation, the new solution is compliant with BS EN 13637 and is ideal for a wide range of applications.

By installing dormakaba's SafeRoute emergency exit and escape route system, the functionality and security of a building is increased whilst also ensuring swift evacuation in the event of an emergency. Whether it be for a single door or multiple doors connected over a network throughout a building, with SafeRoute, escape doors can be electronically controlled with a robust, safe exit system.

With the SafeRoute Software or Control Unit System, other components can be connected to create a network that is tailored (and can expand) to meet the specific challenges for the building and the required functionality. For example, it can be integrated with key switches, touch displays and fire detection systems so that when a fire is detected, SafeRoute will automatically activate evacuation alarms, emergency lighting, and signage to guide people along safe escape routes.

Another notable feature is the delayed egress functionality, which can be applied to environments where misuse of a fire escape door or evacuation point is a concern. This provides a safe means of securing escape doors against misuse or to improve security to prevent theft for example – all whilst complying with the Building Regulations. To enhance security further, this innovative solution can be networked to door management software, enabling advanced alerts and reporting of unauthorised emergency exit usage for security personnel.

“Emergency escape doors must be easy to open from inside the building, without any external aids, yet at the same time, premises need to be secured against misuse and break-ins,” explained Andrew Slynn, Electronic Access and Data Sales Lead from dormakaba. “With SafeRoute, businesses, building owners and occupiers are presented with an entirely flexible system that effortlessly reconciles these contradictory aspects of escape route security.”

To discuss your building requirements, dormakaba’s team of experts are on hand to advise on the best SafeRoute system for your needs.

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