Videx Enhances IP accessibility with new feature for IPURE Systems

Videx Enhances IP accessibility with new feature for IPURE Systems

Videx Security has introduced a new standard feature for its popular IP IPURE range, making it more versatile and accessible.

Videx Security has integrated an induction coil for hearing aid users into all its IPURE videophones, video monitors, and audio phones at no additional cost to customers. This innovative addition ensures that conversations through their intercom systems are crystal-clear for hearing aid users when their device is set to the T (telecoil) position.

Technical Director Rob Sands said: "At Videx, we consistently strive to ensure our technology is accessible and inclusive for all individuals. The introduction of induction coils into our IPURE systems demonstrates our commitment to empowering communication for those with hearing impairments. By automatically including this feature, we're delivering our promise to provide high-quality, secure and inclusive entry solutions for every user, without burdening them with extra costs.”

The integration of the induction coil means that hearing aid users can now hear clear audio directly from the Videx intercom system, minimising ambient noise and enabling effortless, straightforward communication. This step towards universal accessibility highlights Videx’s commitment to innovation as well as catering to the diverse needs of its user base.

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