Robotnik announces the new mobile surveillance robot

Robotnik announces the new mobile surveillance robot

RB-WATCHER will be launched at the AUTOMATICA, the industrial trade fair taking place from June 27 to 30 in Munich (Germany).

Robotnik Automation, a leading company in mobile robotics with more than 20 years of international experience, has developed  the new robot for the surveillance and security sector: RB-WATCHER, which will be launched at the Automatica trade fair from June 27 to 30 in Munich (stand A4-312).

Surveillance and security tasks require precision, efficiency and it is essential to detect potential risks in real time. The new RB-WATCHER, which does not require prior installation and whose sensorization makes it possible to communicate information in real time to the security control center, contributes to this.

RB-WATCHER can autonomously perform all kinds of surveillance tasks such as patrolling a predetermined area, object and person detection (intruders, for example) or fire detection. All this information is processed by the robot and sent in real time to the control center for decision making. A task that can be performed in all types of industries.

RB-WATCHER provides a user interface to trigger relevant alarms and images when it detects any significant element in the environment: a car driving in a defined area, an outbreak of fire or an object out of place (a backpack, bag or animal, for example).

All this is possible thanks to its inspection and navigation sensorization, which includes a bi-spectral camera, front camera, RTK GPS and microphone, among others.

RB-WATCHER brings a step forward in the use of mobile robotics for the security sector, helping workers to minimize risks by allowing them not to be physically in dangerous areas or in those where their physical integrity is threatened. At the same time, RB-WATCHER increases the efficiency of these inspection processes, avoiding errors and reducing costs.

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