Adobe launches new accessible, affordable and expandable home security kit

Adobe launches new accessible, affordable and expandable home security kit

Abode UK, leading DIY home security provider, has launched a new affordable but feature-packed solution designed to make home security accessible to all: meet the new Abode Security Kit. Starting at £198, this kit was built on the award-winning Abode home security platform and provides an entry-level solution for customers who want reliable home security.

With a simple hub design and built-in Wi-Fi, the Abode Security Hub inside each kit is easy to set up with in-app onboarding. The accompanying app allows users to install each accessory device, get event notifications, arm and disarm the system, set up device groups and customisable automations in the CUE automations engine.

Like all Abode security kits, this new offering will include platform integrations that span across the smart home ecosystem, including AI voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Users can also integrate their Google Nest products like Nest Cams and Nest Thermostats into the Abode app for native control. and enjoy home entertainment features from Bose and Sonos.

Users have access to both self and professional monitoring options, giving them powerful tools like video recording and storage, detailed mobile event alerts, intelligent person, pet and package detection - starting at just £7.99/month.

“The new Abode Security Kit represents an evolution of our business and is a result of us listening to our potential and existing customers about what they want and need from a home security solution,” said Christopher Carney, Abode CEO. “We know home security is important to everyone but often upfront cost can be a barrier because lower cost hardware usually comes with a high monthly fee and a long contract commitment. We believe in offering choice and flexibility and giving customers the ability to protect their homes without breaking the bank.”

Additional Abode Security Kit features include:

  • Event notifications + timeline provided in Abode app
  • Smart person, package + pet detection
  • Cellular backup for lost connectivity during an outage
  • Battery backup to keep system online in power outage
  • Built-in 93db siren

In addition to the new low cost security kit, Abode will continue to sell its original security kit called the Smart Security Kit at £294.99 and IOTA, the all-in-one offering that includes a hub, motion sensor, PIR sensor and HD camera in one device for £384.99. Both products will continue to offer HomeKit compatibility and be sold as premium solutions for their capabilities and features.

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