On the right path with Marshalls Landscape Protection

On the right path with Marshalls Landscape Protection

In a move that could help local communities become more active, Marshalls Landscape Protection has brought together its range of Active Travel Solutions in a new brochure and website landing page. The collection has been designed to create safer and more inviting urban spaces for cyclists and pedestrians.

Across the country, local authorities and highway professionals are looking for ways to encourage alternative forms of travel, such as walking and cycling, to relieve the pressure on public transport. In May last year, the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps announced a £2 billion package to bolster the nation’s cycling and walking infrastructure – part of a broader £5 billion proposal, which will overhaul bus and cycle links in all regions outside London.

From cycle segregation products to lane delineation systems, Marshalls Landscape Protection’s Active Travel Solutions have been designed to encourage a more active approach to commuting in local communities. Backed with over 130 years’ experience, the extensive product portfolio is helping local authorities, specifiers and landscape architects take the transformative step towards creating safer and more sustainable travel infrastructure.

With a wide range of solutions including surface-mounted planters, bollards and street furniture, Marshalls Landscape Protection offers numerous options for delineating cycle lanes and pedestrianising areas. For example, the innovative Zicla® Zebra® Zero cycle segregation product can serve as a protective barrier to prevent vehicles on the road from invading the cycle lane. Likewise, the company produces a number of ramp and speed cushion solutions, which can help to improve road safety.

The comprehensive new product collection also features cycle parking and storage solutions, as well as the Zicla® Vectorial® bus-boarding platform system, which can quickly and effectively improve accessibility at bus stops. Built with sustainability in mind, modules from the Zicla® range are manufactured with recycled plastic, so its environmental footprint is minimal. To this end, the ecodesigned product can help cities to work towards ‘green’ developmental goals, such as the creation of a circular economy.   

Full details about the product ranges can be found in Marshalls Landscape Protection’s new Active Travel Brochure. This informative document provides information on cycle segregation solutions, traffic calming solutions and traffic management solutions. What’s more, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the range features a number of innovative social distancing systems, including pop-up parklets and bus boarding platforms.

Likewise, with many of its customers looking to buy local in the wake of the pandemic, Marshalls Landscape Protection has endeavored to ensure a significant proportion of its product range is ‘Made in Britain’. As well as helping to support local economies, this decision is helping to reduce the fuel emissions and associated carbon footprints of solutions included in the brochure. As always, this broad range is also backed by Marshalls Landscape Protection’s unrivalled technical expertise and exceptional manufacturing capabilities.

Speaking on the new range, Jaz Vilkhu, Managing Director at Marshalls Landscape Protection commented: “Now more than ever, local authorities are looking for high-quality solutions to support the growing number of Britons taking to the roads in alternative modes of transport – as well as cope with the ongoing demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. This extensive range of solutions has been crafted to help towns and cities across Britain become more hospitable to Active Travel methods and can play a crucial role in fostering safe and inviting road environments. We believe that these considerations will be vital in developing forward-thinking, sustainable infrastructure for generations to come.”

Alongside the new range and its accompanying brochure, Marshalls Landscape Protection has created an Active Travel Solutions video, which can be viewed on the company’s YouTube channel.

The new solutions form part of Marshalls Landscape Protection’s broader portfolio, which includes everything from bollards and planters, to aesthetic and functional street furniture. All of the company’s fully crash-tested products can be used to develop urban areas, promoting the safety and security of shared public spaces.

For more information about Marshalls Landscape Protection’s Active Travel Range, please visit: https://www.marshalls.co.uk/commercial/landscape-protection/active-travel-solutions

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