Traka on display with partners at the barcode warehouse

Traka on display with partners at the barcode warehouse

Traka’s intelligent key management and locker solutions are on display at The Barcode Warehouse’s state-of-the-art Innovation and Customer Experience Centre.

As a leading solutions integrator of barcode, RFID and mobility technology. The Barcode Warehouse has collaborated with Traka to present a comprehensive and integrated security solution to its customers.

On show in the centre, itself purpose-designed to showcase the latest technologies and smart solutions, is Traka’s compact TUK24 equipment management locker, offered for a wide range of organisations. Also on display is Traka’s S-Touch Pro, providing a high-end key cabinet combining advanced technology with sleek design.

Traka’s product portfolio is now also available in a dedicated section on Barcode Warehouse’s website, to present the full portfolio offering.

“We are thrilled to be working with Traka to showcase their TUK24 and S-Touch Pro key cabinets at our Innovation and Customer Experience Centre," said Liam Reid Director of Technology And Innovation at The Barcode Warehouse. "These intelligent solutions demonstrate Traka's commitment to providing innovative, reliable, and secure management systems, available for any size business across every sector.  And with the systems on display and available to view in digital format, we can discuss requirements with our customers right from specification, to ensure security solutions can be tailored to meet specific needs.”

Traka’s TUK24 solutions offers 24 compartments, each with an individual electronic locking mechanism and RFID tag.  It presents complete control and visibility over who has access to devices at any given time.   Cont/d…


The S-Touch Pro presents a user-friendly touch-screen interface and integrated biometric scanner, for secure and convenient key management for organisations of all sizes. With features including dual authentication and user-specific access rights, the S-Touch Pro ensures that only authorised users can access keys, and provides a detailed record of all key transactions.

The cabinets feature Traka's advanced software, which allows administrators to easily grant and revoke access rights, monitor key usage, and generate instant audit trails as required.

Steve Bumphrey, Traka’s Managing Director added: “At Traka, we believe that collaboration is key to success in today’s fast-paced and ever changing business landscape.  That’s why we are proud to partner with companies such as Barcode Warehouse.  Together, we can deliver innovative solutions that can streamline processes, reduce downtime and provide ultimate peace of mind.

“Being on display at the Innovation and Customer Experience Centre with additional support online, also enables visitors to experience first-hand the ways we can manage keys and assets. Its interactive capability and on-hand solution architects allows them to see for themselves all the features and benefits that can make a difference to every day working environments.  It’s a really exciting opportunity and we are thrilled to be involved.” 

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