Back to basics - Keeping a container secure

Back to basics - Keeping a container secure

Containers are some of the most effective storage solutions available to businesses and there’s a host of reasons why they are the most popular. However, there’s a whole number of ways to keep containers secure.

Although containers are generally designed to be secure, weatherproof and durable, there’s always a risk of vandalism, theft and damage to contend with.

Here’s a few tips from Tom Richardson from at Locks Direct to ensure you are doubly protected against any issues:

Effective locks:

Let’s start with the basics and the traditional method for keeping containers secure. Locking a container is never enough, but a combination of a few different physical pieces of protection can be the best barrier.

For example, cross bar locks are a great way to combat theft. A fully secure bar that prevents your door from being opened from the outside, this is a great way to place another hurdle in the way of would-be thieves. Even if a padlock is broken, your container will still be inaccessible.

Padlocks, especially smart ones, are a traditional way of locking up containers securely and with good reason. Durable, tough and reliable, they are incredibly secure. Pair with a lock box that can be placed around the lock and you have a conundrum for any thief. Using an insurance-grade padlock such as a Squire WS75 will also mean the strength of your other security options is matched.

You could even have suited, or master keyed padlocks that could open a whole group of containers, meaning keys can easily be kept track of and tracked.

Simply alarming

To double up your security, installing an alarm should be paramount. Not only can you tell if a criminal has broken in or attempted to open your container, sometimes without them knowing, but you can also deter criminals if you have a particularly visible setup. Having a box positioned in such a way that it makes it very clear security measures are in place. You can also use remote systems that can be monitored elsewhere.

Super Surveillance

The technology available for surveillance these days is incredible and offers a huge amount of security as well as peace of mind for those that use it. Sophisticated and customisable to a high level, it has also reached a level where it is both affordable and realistic for even the smallest operation.

A good surveillance system can often act as a deterrent but can also be of immense help when trying to recover from the effects of crime. It can aid police and other authorities and can remove the burden that comes with evidence gathering for insurance purposes.

Fence it in

If you’ve had trouble with break-ins before, another ring of security can’t hurt. If local laws permit it, why not add in another level of protection with some security fencing? You can go for a simple chain link option or something more sturdy like stainless steel with additional features like anti-vandal spikes or toppers to discourage would-be intruders.

For further information please visit Locks Direct.

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