Case Studies

Access all areas

Graze commissioned to advise on a complete solution that could be implemented in the UK and USA to secure their premises without numerous sets of keys.

Security as an integral part of the corporate strategy

As enterprises expand into developing markets and emerging countries or acquire existing businesses operating a variety of existing ‘legacy’ systems, they face new challenges in keeping their workplaces secure in unfamiliar territories.

Video surveillance redefined

The new S-Panomera® by Dallmeier was specially developed for commercial and industrial applications. Thus, the patented multifocal sensor technology has paved the way for a complete new solution approach in these markets.

Get in line

Are you thinking to install an access control security system to ensure your workplace is safe and secure and the building occupants protected?

Secure M2M on the SIM

ASPIDER has developed a true end-to-end security solution for M2M communications that employs state-of-the-art cryptography technology.  

World cup winners

How Brazil’s São Paulo International airport and the Maracanã and Mineirão football stadiums relied on Barco’s networked visualization solutions to provide a real-time view on incidents – and foster speedy emergency reactions – during the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Car hacked?

With in car connectivity increasingly a desirable element in the development of the latest infotainment systems and more consumers wanting to use their devices in the car, this is set to continue. Backing this up, a recent study by the IEEE claims by 2025, either Bluetooth or WiFi technologies will be in just about every new car being built.

IP: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

The rise and rise of IP security continues apace. It is increasingly the technology of choice for organisations looking to implement a system that can protect its people and assets, and it’s easy to understand why.

A brave new world

As you may have already seen on the news, a security vulnerability known as Heartbleed was recently identified in the popular OpenSSL cryptography library.

The connected control room

How Barco offers open, modular solutions to retrieve and distribute data, from the most diverse sources, and visualize it flexibly and brightly. To ensure prompt and effective responses to security breaches, incidents or emergencies.

Securing your perimeter day and night

Less than ten years ago, thermal imaging might have been remarkably unknown to the wider public, but today the technology is catching up very fast.

THE NEW NORMAL: A Risk Society

We live in a very different world today - a world of risks, a fast changing world - and looking ahead, such changes and risks will continue. I call it “the new normal” since this is expected to be the basis going forward. By Lars Thinggaard, CEO, Milestone Systems.

Pedal Power

Canal Way Cycle Route - A Premium approach to Cycle provision. By Brendan O’Brien MSc BSc Dip I.T.  - Head of Technical Services (Traffic Dublin)

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