Early detection

Early detection

Intrusion detection for the small to medium enterprise market

Most professional intrusion detection systems have been designed for large companies with relevant expertise. Small and medium sized organizations, however, usually lack this expertise and thus need easier to use solutions. With its AMAX family, Bosch offers a series of intrusion detection panels which have been specifically designed for this market segment.

Intrusion detection has become a vital component of the security concept of companies and organizations of any size. While it is obvious that retail stores need this kind of protection even if they are not jewelers, the necessity may not be as clear in other organizations. However, every company has values to protect. Office equipment, machinery, stocked goods - all of these may easily attract thieves and intruders. Other critical environments include pharmacies stocking drugs, and even schools have become targets of intruders more and more frequently. Or think of a law firm, for example, which next to electronic data still stores paper copies of critical and highly confidential client data. Here, theft of a few folders or a single USB stick can result in indemnity claims and severe loss of reputation that may even drive the law firm out of business. But even if there is not much to steal, vandalism can cost a company a lot of money and even force it to close down for a certain period of time, losing both revenue and reputation.

Ease of use is key

This is why Bosch Security Systems has developed its AMAX family of intrusion control panels. These panels have been designed from ground up with small and medium applications in mind.

AMAX family of intrusion control panels – AMAX 2100, AMAX 3000 and AMAX 4000

Next to reliability, ease of use and installation have been the major guidelines during development. The end customer will benefit from self explanatory icons as well as easy to hit buttons. Both buttons and LCD displays are big enough for people with handicaps, but still the design nicely integrates with even higher end interiors. Operation is further facilitated by an easy to understand menu structure and support of most major European languages. Going back to our example of a law firm, these features will allow any lawyer or clerk to operate the intrusion detection system with a minimum of training needed. The ability to define macros allows them to combine different functions which can then be activated with a single keystroke, saving time and reducing the risk of human error. This is especially useful for frequently recurring operations such as arming and detector bypass, which otherwise need separate execution steps. Imagine several people being responsible for the arming of different areas. If one of them is ill or travelling, one of the others will have to take over but may be unfamiliar with the specific task sequences the absent colleague has to perform. In this case, macros will eliminate human error and make sure that nothing is forgotten.

AMAX intrusion alarm systems are suitable for small to medium sized applications such as law firms.

The AMAX family comprises three models supporting between eight and 64 independent zones, making it suitable for small applications like an individual office as well as for somewhat larger properties shared by multiple law firms. The two larger models, AMAX 3000 and 4000, support both wired and wireless detectors and can thus cost-efficiently cover areas like storage, kitchens or other rooms where no cable ducts are available.

The AMAX panels can be operated via local keypads or from a remote monitoring station which can arm and disarm the system on behalf of the customer without having to be on site. Maintenance services can also be performed remotely, removing the need to disclose codes to external parties, such as security guards which often is a major requirement in law firms.These features also facilitate central monitoring of multiple AMAX panels, making them a viable solution also for larger firms with several subsidiaries which can all be connected to the same monitoring center.

The centralized control of the AMAX intrusion alarm system is further simplified by a master keypad, enabling easy and timesaving operation of the entire system from a single device. Such a master keypad can be setup in reception, so that reception staff can assume responsibility for the operation of the intrusion alarm system. They can then monitor and control the status of each office, eliminating the need of manual checks throughout the premises. This is a valuable feature for our law firm as lawyers are often travelling or in court, but it is just as interesting for any other company employing "road warriors".

In the event of an alarm, AMAX will automatically notify the customer or a monitoring center. Alarms can be transmitted via the telephone network (PSTN) or through the internet including wireless (GPRS). In order to guarantee that no alarm can be missed, AMAX can also send a pre-recorded voice message to up to four phone numbers. This then allows the customer to decide how to proceed, such as alarming the police.

AMAX notifies customers in the event of an alarm

Easy to install

The AMAX panels support both wired and wireless communications with the intrusion detectors, allowing the installer to take advantage of existing cable ducts, while also enabling non-intrusive installations where these are not available. The panels’ default settings do already cover about 90 % of all applications, greatly reducing programming effort. A clear and logical menu structure eases configuration. In installations with multiple panels, an integrated USB port allows for a USB stick to be used to duplicate configurations. Mounting is made easy as well as both PCB and transformer are pre-mounted in the enclosure, still leaving plenty of space for easy cabling. Separate mounting plates facilitate keypad installation.

AMAX supports RADION – the new wireless peripherals portfolio

Going beyond intrusion detection

In critical environments such as law firms, reliable intrusion detection is mandatory, but not always enough. Even though systems like AMAX allow for very fast reaction in case of an alarm, the intruder may still have enough time to escape. It may therefore be desirable to add a second layer of security by integrating intrusion detection with some kind of video surveillance. AMAX offers the possibility to connect IP based cameras which can help to identify an intruder and provide evidence in case of a trial. Cameras can also be used to verify an alarm in real time, as high resolution images can be transmitted to the monitoring center or even to a mobile phone. AMAX can even double up as a fire alarm system as it enables the users to connect fire detectors in just the same way as they connect intrusion detectors.

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