The latest generation of the Dallmeier "Panomera® S-Series" bristles with innovations

The latest generation of the Dallmeier "Panomera® S-Series" bristles with innovations

One system replaces up to 24 cameras and saves over 50% on total cost of ownership

"Making things easier." – Under this maxim, the Panomera® multifocal sensor systems by video technology manufacturer Dallmeier have guaranteed maximum image and analysis data quality with minimum camera units for ten years now. The latest generation of the Panomera® S-Series features a completely new design and above all superior video analysis capabilities – besides many innovations from an intuitive assembly concept to contactless lens cleaning.

The Panomera® multifocal sensor systems differ from other cameras in that they provide both a total overview and any number of detail zooms in high resolution. This is made possible by up to eight sensors with different focal lengths in one single system. These capture significantly more "area per camera" in an image quality precisely defined by DIN EN 62676-4 than conventional solutions. This not only increases operator efficiency, but also reduces operating and infrastructure costs by up to 50%, depending on the application area.

Edge analysis with eight quad-core processors and 70 TOPS analysis power

Besides the advantages in image capture and operation, the latest Panomera® generation is set apart by its superior analysis capabilities. The systems achieve this by combining a precisely plannable/definable image quality (and therewith data quality) with the most advanced analysis technology. If an application requires for example a minimum resolution density of 62.5 pixels per meter according to the DIN standard, over 50,000 square meters can be covered with just one camera system – more than sufficient for common object classifications. Even at the highest DIN resolution density – 250 px/m for the identification of unknown persons that can be used in court; one system still manages up to 3,100 square meters.

As opposed to even high-resolution megapixel cameras, each Panomera® S8 camera system for example, is equipped with eight of the latest SoCs providing a much higher combined computing power for analytics on the camera (edge) – with a wide variety of analysis applications from people counting through to "feature search". Users can operate the Panomera® cameras either with the Dallmeier HEMISPHERE® SeMSy® video management software (VMS) or with any VMS systems that support ONVIF.

Numerous innovations simply implemented

Not only the analysis but also the design of the latest Panomera® generation is highly innovative. The consistent design language of all the manufacturer's cameras allows the systems to be easily integrated into the most diverse architectural environments. In addition, the "Mountera®" mounting concept, thanks to a special "Quick-Lock" system, promises a simple and fast implementation. Alongside the dynamic appearance, the multifocal sensor system also offers a passive cooling system which renders auxiliary cooling unnecessary for temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. In addition, the so-called "Air Blast" system offers operators the possibility of cleaning the lens with compressed air completely contact- and wear-free and the remote controllable “Privacy Shield” guarantees an active and largely visible deactivating of the camera for data protection, e.g. in case of rallies or strikes.

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