Texecom launches ‘Capture’ security motion detectors in the UK

Texecom launches ‘Capture’ security motion detectors in the UK

Texecom has announced UK availability of its Capture Grade 2 internal security motion sensors

With a security system only being as good as its ability to detect, the Capture range has been designed to provide an improvement in detection performance, reliability and ease of installation, when compared to prior Texecom detector models.

Capture motion detectors are intended for use in a wide variety of professional security applications. With a choice of EN Grade 2 wired or wireless connectivity, wall or ceiling mounting, and a choice of detection technologies including dual element, quad element or dual technology sensing, Capture suits a wide variety of security environments. Grade 3 anti-masking wall and ceiling mount models will be available in the new year.

With a volumetric coverage pattern featuring 42 individual detection facets, each wall mount Capture model features double the number of detection points compared to previous Texecom detectors. This optical system makes the entry-level Capture dual element detector perform to the same level as a quad PIR, and the Capture quad element detector perform to a whole new level entirely.

Ceiling mount models feature the same optical upgrades with over double the number of detection facets compared to previous Texecom detectors. All Capture ceiling mount models use omni-directional quad element PIR sensing for true 360° pickup, resulting in Texecom’s most advanced and highest performing ceiling mount detection performance to date.

All wall mount Grade 2 Capture models feature an innovative two-stage pet immunity option as standard, while maintaining Grade 2 catch performance.

All wireless Capture models feature the same form-factor as their wired counterparts, EN Grade 2 certification and Texecom’s multi award-winning Ricochet mesh technology for commercial grade wireless performance.
Texecom is offering a complimentary Capture sample to qualifying professional installers. To enquire, and for more details on the Capture range of motion detectors, visit capture.texe.com.