New "Panomera® W" camera series from Dallmeier promises exceptional economy and functionality for capturing large areas

New "Panomera® W" camera series from Dallmeier promises exceptional economy and functionality for capturing large areas

When capturing large spatial contexts with video technology, users still have to make many compromises. The Panomera® W series from Dallmeier has taken up the cause of overcoming these challenges and providing customers with the ability to monitor their indoor and outdoor premises most effectively for minimal outlay in terms of personnel and costs.

Tracking objects and changing perspectives

In the new Panomera® W8 (360°) and W4 (180°) systems, the images from the individual sensors are merged by the innovative Dallmeier operating software in such a way that the operator is presented a panoramic overview with distortion correction. The cameras even reproduce the area directly below the housing in high resolution. Another unique feature of the Panomera® systems is that in principle any number of operators can zoom into a scene at the same time, and the total overview image is retained at all times both live and in the recording. In this way, it is guaranteed that no valuable information or evidence is lost. If several systems are used at the same time, objects can be tracked across multiple camera systems very easily – or the same scene can be examined from various viewpoints quite conveniently.

Savings on every level

Dallmeier states that during development of the Panomera® W series the economic efficiency of the overall system was the highest priority. As a result, usability innovations and the small number of cameras needed significantly help to save costs in all important aspects from planning and implementation to operation and service.

Lowest operating costs in relation to area

Those responsible for security will be glad of the extremely simple operation of the systems: situation assessments are made quickly and assuredly; operating even a large number of cameras as a total system is simplicity itself and enables large spatial contexts to be monitored much more efficiently. Consequently, a very large overall context per operator can be captured. As a result, personnel costs relative to area covered with the new cameras are low for ongoing operation.

Low infrastructure requirement

Since considerably fewer cameras are needed than for comparable solutions, the costs for masts, installation, cables and cable-laying or mounting points are also reduced. The "quick lock" mounting system enables the same camera systems to be swapped between different locations.

The "plug-and-play" camera

For installers, the integrated, newly developed "Mountera®" mounting concept of the Panomera® W series offers many innovations for installing the cameras much faster and therefore less expensively: From the mounting handle for removal and transportation to an integrated "bubble protector" which remains on the system until final installation, up to the "quick lock" system for mounting by a single technician. The Panomera® W series camera models have at last been made truly "plug-and-play" capable with the full pre-calibration and pre-setting of all sensors. Accordingly, the effort needed to adjust the optical elements is reduced to a minimum as well.