MLA installs Mul-T-Lock’s new MTL™800 platform for premium protection

MLA installs Mul-T-Lock’s new MTL™800 platform for premium protection

The MLA, established to set and promote standards of conduct, practice and materials within the locksmithing industry, has embraced the features and benefits of the new Mul-T-Lock MTL™800 mechanical platform.

Designed with high-level master key system functionality and maximum key copy protection that is patented until 2039, the MLA was quick to embrace Mul-T-Lock’s MTL™800 for its Heritage Room at its Rugby based headquarters.

Says Steffan George, Managing Director of the MLA: “As a representative to the locksmith industry as a whole across the UK, we have a duty to stay abreast of latest product solutions and ensure we can showcase the best protection in our Rugby headquarters.

“We were instantly impressed with the MTL™800 system, with its offering of a proven reliability and enhanced protection.  Its flexible design means that it could accommodate the unique requirements of our Heritage Room onsite.  And coming from Mul-T-Lock, itself renowned for 50 years in quality and robust mechanical locking design, we could be assured that our assets are secure with truly innovative security technology.”

MTL™800 is Mul-T-Lock’s next generation of patented key control, built on the well-known MT5+ platform but now with two alpha springs and a telescopic top pin.  It integrates a combination of protective elements to create a triple locking mechanism.

It has been fitted at MLA Headquarters to offer an additional security layer and advanced key copy protection.  MTL™800 also meets international standards to offer enhanced resistance to all forms of lock manipulation.

Claire Blakemore, Mul-T-Lock UK Managing Director added: “We are thrilled that the highly esteemed MLA, standing as the UK’s largest trade association for locksmiths, has selected our new MTL™800 platform to ensure the maximum level of security for its prominent Heritage Room in its headquarters. 

“We have been a proud member since we were established in the UK and our close working partnership showcases our commitment to presenting ultimate patent protection and mechanical design platform solutions.  Our aim is always to offer the tailor made solutions for the locksmith channel, where we truly ‘set the standard’ with products that are made to last and dedicated to providing ultimate peace of mind.”

Mul-T-Lock will be attending this year’s MLA Expo in October as a Diamond Sponsor, where you will be able to witness the 'premium protection' of MTL™800 in action.


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