Gunnebo launches next-generation entrance control for commercial buildings

Gunnebo launches next-generation entrance control for commercial buildings

Gunnebo, the global provider of entrance control solutions, has launched a new future-proof security gate, designed to improve access management and maintain flow in commercial buildings.

The stylish SpeedStile FLs MAX, ideal for where space is limited, utilises advanced touchless technology to ensure seamless entry for authorised personnel.

With safety and modern flexibility of entry at the core of its design, it offers a range of configurable settings, including access permissions, user privileges, time-limited access and event-based rules, enabling building managers to tailor the system to their specific needs.

Says Mike Lindley, Group Product Manager of Gunnebo: “We’re thrilled to bring to market our sleek SpeedStile FLs MAX.  This is an exciting launch for Gunnebo, recognising our incredible commitment and investment into research and development, and ensuring we present products with mutual benefit to our complete customer base.

“This system offers so much more than an addition to our portfolio.  With its advanced features and flexible configurations, it presents a powerful tool for building managers to manage access and optimise building performance, while ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees and visitors.”

The SpeedStile FLs MAX supports a vast range of reader, card, biometric and token formats, alongside dedicated tailgating detection and monitoring technology.  It is finished with way-mode indicators and top lid LEDs to visually confirm or deny passage.

Mike of Gunnebo concludes: “For today’s employees, security turnstiles are accepted as something to pass through every day, so it is vital that they are developed to be unobtrusive, user friendly and tailored to individual applications.  All to reduce hesitation from users and prevent queues. 

“Our SpeedStile FLs MAX model was designed to embody these qualities, as well as being sleek and aesthetically refined.  We believe they will play a crucial role in enabling building managers to enhance security, whilst ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for users.  We are excited to bring this new technology to the market, and look forward to helping our customers achieve their goals for entrance control.”

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