CLD physical security systems unveils new temporary fencing solution

CLD physical security systems unveils new temporary fencing solution

Leading UK-based physical security systems manufacturer, CLD, announces the launch of their latest temporary fencing solution, the FenceSafe Securus S2, redefining the landscape of temporary security fencing by combining sustainability with unparalleled protection. 

As one of the largest suppliers of security fencing in the UK, CLD offer tailored, trusted and durable security solutions to protect environments such as data centres, schools, transport hubs, manufacturing warehouses, high-profile sporting venues, open spaces, and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sites.

The FenceSafe Securus S2, engineered to meet the stringent standards of LPS 1175 B3 (SR2) Issue 8, combines a foundation-free cantilevered base with the Securus 10 S2 358 mesh fencing, ensuring heightened safety and security.

Highlighting their commitment to sustainability, the FenceSafe Securus S2 serves a dual purpose. Both the base and Securus panels can be reused, adaptable for use within permanent fence lines, showcasing the versatility and positive sustainable outcomes of this solution.

Ideal for safeguarding airports, major events, utilities, and crowded places, this system boasts a sleek, tamper-resistant finish and a bottom rail for added security. Compliant with LPS 1175 regulations, it ensures a minimum 3-minute delay against potential attacks. Available on a rental basis,  it provides  flexible on-ground physical security that can be quickly commissioned and removed without leaving any trace. CLD operates from a range of sites in the UK to also ensure guaranteed available stock to meet short lead time requirements.

Scott Fulton, Rental Division Director, comments: “Our dedication to cutting-edge technology ensures the FenceSafe Securus S2 delivers top-tier security while championing sustainability. This solution provides customers with a tailored, easy-to-install product designed in alignment with British and European safety regulations."

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