At least 4,612 reasons to choose Exacq

At least 4,612 reasons to choose Exacq

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There are 4,612 reasons why Exacq stands out in a crowded Video Management Software (VMS) market, although by tomorrow that number may have increased as it reflects how many cameras have so far been successfully integrated with the ExacqVision platform.

The cameras are produced by over 90 different manufacturers and include older generation IP network cameras, as well as the very latest open platform, ultra-high definition and thermal imaging models. Each of the cameras have been physically connected to the ExacqVision VMS and tested, with the results published on the Exacq website. The number of cameras tested has grown over time and will continue to do so as and when new cameras are introduced to the market.

As impressive at this is, ExacqVision’s ability to support such a large variety of cameras is complemented by an equally remarkable long list of practical features which ensure installers and system integrators can, without extensive training, deliver the full benefits of the open capabilities of the VMS platform to their end-user clients who need to protect people, property and assets.

Here are a few more reasons to always specify Exacq:

ExacqVision Enterprise Manager saves time and resources by allowing users to maintain a single operator database for multiple NVRs, remotely schedule recorder updates, manage the systems failover capabilities and remotely inspect all connected cameras to verify that their fields of view still match the system’s operational requirements.

ExacqVision Enterprise Manager keeps you informed in real-time as to the health of exacqVision servers, with system errors and alerts displayed on a dashboard. Knowing of any system events as soon as possible ensures that health errors are attended to as quickly as possible so as to maintain the functionality of the surveillance system. 

Try Before You Buy: Download the free exacqVision VMS fully functional demonstration software which is populated with more than 12 servers for you to interact with. Experience for yourself how easy it is to use.

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