With a pioneering new Dubai HQ, ASSA ABLOY demonstrates solutions to meet the energy-efficiency challenges at commercial premises

With a pioneering new Dubai HQ, ASSA ABLOY demonstrates solutions to meet the energy-efficiency challenges at commercial premises

Commercial enterprises of every size and type, all over the world, face a common challenge: innovating how and where they do business so they can face the future with greater environmental responsibility.

ASSA ABLOY has long been recognized as an innovator in access solutions, with a range of inventive products around the door and access management which can improve buildings’ sustainability performance.

To prove their commitment – and the effectiveness of their solutions – revolutionary new ASSA ABLOY Dubai headquarters were built with and use energy-efficient building technologies, including digital access managed by Incedoä.

Smart building materials and digital access in practice

According to the International Energy Agency, buildings consume around 30% of the world’s energy*. Therefore, when designing and specifying any new commercial building, efficiency is a strategic priority, for both sustainability and cost-management motives. It’s a key component in Dubai’s Green Building standards, which ASSA ABLOY’s local specification team provide the expertise to meet and exceed.

"This building is more than just ASSA ABLOY's new headquarters; it's a declaration of our ongoing mission to push the boundaries of sustainability and innovation. By incorporating state-of-the-art energy-efficient solutions and our latest access technologies, our Dubai headquarters exemplifies dedication to creating environmentally responsible and secure commercial premises," says Mauro Felice, Senior Vice President and Head of MEIIA region.

Throughout the building, it was important to use construction materials that were sustainable. In the UAE’s climate, efficient heat management was critical to the choice of high U-value windows to minimize energy transfer and a reflective warehouse roof to cut heat absorption. Materials usage was reduced by flooring made with recycled steel fibres from end-of-life tires, alongside virgin steel fibres and green admixtures.

Building systems – incorporating smart lighting and energy management – have been configured for long-term energy efficiency. In this process, at any commercial premises, the choice of access solution is critical.

Energy-efficient, connected access management also contributes to the building’s sustainability performance.

The Incedo Plus platform-based digital access management system provides the smart connectivity that ASSA ABLOY’s new UAE headquarters needs. The Incedo platform connects a vast range of security software and hardware within a single ecosystem.

The range of devices which work with Incedo makes it suited to commercial premises, where the diverse types of opening usually surpasses any typical office or residence.

At their new Dubai HQ, ASSA ABLOY deployed Aperio® wireless digital locks and Signo readers. Aperio devices use no power when idle, only “waking up” to read credentials or maintain system heartbeat. This translates into an ongoing energy saving versus comparable wired devices, which usually draw mains power around the clock. Adding no cabling around the door saves materials and energy; with Aperio, wireless devices are powered by standard batteries with a typical lifetime of 2 years.

At openings such as main entrances, where cylinders and escutcheons with integrated credential readers are not appropriate, door access is controlled by Signo digital readers. These have an Intelligent Power Mode (IPM) which uses 41% less energy than equivalent readers without IPM configuration**.

Building users enjoy the convenience to come and go with flexible mobile credentials stored securely on their smartphone – further minimizing unnecessary resource use by eliminating plastic cards, as well as saving security management time in issuing, amending, or blocking any credential’s access rights.

Incedo Plus also gives security teams the power to select best-in-class solutions from multiple manufacturers and control them all seamlessly, without compromises. Third-party solutions which are already “Works with Incedo” certified include video management systems; long-range RFID readers and ANPR cameras; together with various biometric solutions. ASSA ABLOY PULSE digital cylinders powered by energy-harvesting technology may also be added at any time and controlled within the same Incedo ecosystem.

"Incedo Plus redefines the landscape of access control, offering an evolutionary solution that grows with your business," says Mohammed Shameel, Digital Access Solutions Engineer at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Middle East. "Our platform ensures your security ecosystem is scalable, adapting to meet the ever-changing demands of your business environment."

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