Safetyflex Barriers bolsters Melbourne defences after terror attack

Safetyflex Barriers bolsters Melbourne defences after terror attack

More than 2,000 innovative Safetyflex anti-terrorist bollards have now been installed in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, as part of a local government scheme launched in response to a fatal vehicle attack.

Coventry-based Safetyflex Barriers has installed its spring steel bollard system across the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD) with the help of its Australian distributer Ezi Security Systems.

The city was rocked by a vehicle attack in January 2017 when a car was deliberately driven into pedestrians along Bourke Street, killing six people and leaving 27 seriously injured.

In the aftermath, a AUS$52.5 million security upgrade at Melbourne's busiest and most prominent pedestrian sites was commissioned by The City of Melbourne, with hostile vehicle mitigation predominantly featuring Safetyflex’s advanced spring steel bollards.

More than 2,000 of the slimline bollards have now been installed across key sites within the CBD, in addition to further sites in Australia, helping to keep high-risk crowded places safe from the threat of vehicle attacks.

Marcus Gerrard, director at Safetyflex Barriers, said: “Our patented anti-terrorist bollard system has been game-changing, providing unprecedented crash test certified performance in an attractive, slimline design. We are the only company in the world to use this type of technology in anti-terrorist bollards and crash rated street furniture.

“The unique thing about our bollards is they only require shallow foundations around 200mm deep, which is key in helping cities such as Melbourne navigate around in-ground obstructions, whilst still providing high-level security systems.

“The installation of the 2,000th spring steel bollard is of great satisfaction and pride, and reflects our strong experience and expertise in securing busy cities and centres worldwide. Our bollards will help ensure the safety of residents and visitors to Melbourne and Australia for years to come.”

The spring steel technology means the bollards can be installed in fixed, removable or retractable versions, while the elegant stainless-streel shrouds are also fitted with reflective bands to provide night-time visibility.

The bollards have already proved their worth in stopping vehicle attacks, when in 2021 a stolen car fleeing police in Melbourne CBD was halted in its tracks by a Safetyflex bollard before the drivers could inflict any damage.

Pedestrians were able to retreat to the protection offered by the line of Safetyflex bollards, ensuring nobody was hurt.

Safetyflex has now become one of the biggest suppliers of anti-terrorist bollards in Australia, protecting high-profile locations in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney from the threat of vehicle attacks.

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