Protecting critical infrastructure: CLD physical security systems' innovations in high-security

Protecting critical infrastructure: CLD physical security systems' innovations in high-security

Amid escalating global concerns regarding safeguarding essential infrastructure, CLD, a leading manufacturer of physical security systems, stands at the forefront, dedicated to providing cutting-edge security solutions tailored to diverse sectors in the UK. 

With over five decades of experience, CLD has emerged as a significant contributor to the world of physical security, ensuring comprehensive protection across critical national infrastructure sectors, including nuclear sites, MOD facilities, and airports.

Russell Wells, the Director of CLD commented, “Our suite of Security-rated fencing solutions and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation products remains consistently sought after within the critical infrastructure security landscape. From general-purpose products to S4 LPS1175 standards, our comprehensive range assures top-tier protection.”

Offering a diverse range of high-security fencing and gates, CLD ensures minimal delay against attacks, ranging from 60 seconds to 10 minutes, boasting certifications from LPCB and the Police, including 'LPS 1175' and 'Secured by Design' accreditations. These solutions, incorporating various hostile and non-hostile security toppings, undergo rigorous testing, assuring resilience against a spectrum of threats.

CLD stands as the preferred provider for key military and international projects, exemplified by the 'Approved for Government Use' Securus S1 high-security fencing systems. Beyond the UK, CLD's solutions secure international borders, spanning regions from Africa to Iceland. From security fencing to hostile vehicle mitigation and access control systems, CLD remains a trusted partner in safeguarding critical infrastructure worldwide.

Offering an end-to-end service, CLD distinguishes itself by covering the entire process from initial design to ongoing service and maintenance. Equipped with an extensive inventory of high-security mesh fencing systems and supported by a team of experts, CLD is recognised for its proficiency in designing and manufacturing physical security products.

Amidst evolving security needs, CLD remains dedicated to innovation, ensuring consistent quality and the continual enhancement of security measures for critical national infrastructure and sensitive environments.

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