Pinnacle Systems redefines security integration with the launch of Industry-first ‘truly independent’ end-to-end integration platform

Pinnacle Systems redefines security integration with the launch of Industry-first ‘truly independent’ end-to-end integration platform

Pioneering a New Era in Security Technology, Pinnacle Systems Sets the Standard for Independence, Choice, and Flexibility. 

Pinnacle Systems has launched its open integration platform, revolutionising monitoring and control solutions for the security and FM markets.

As the industry's first end-to-end, truly independent integration platform, Pinnacle Systems creates a new era of opportunity for forward-thinking and innovation-led integrators to see what is possible when providing bespoke solutions to their customers. Presenting designers with complete control over hardware choices within their security ecosystems. 

"At a time when security is the priority for so many sectors impacted by a rise in crime levels, we are thrilled to introduce Pinnacle Systems," says Ric Martin, CEO of Pinnacle Systems. "Our platform represents a quantum leap forward in the evolution of security integration, offering a level of independence, choice, and flexibility never before seen in the industry."

At the core of Pinnacle Systems' ethos is a dedication to listening to the needs of integrators and end-users. By understanding and anticipating the evolving demands of the market and looking at the adoption of AI and Machine Learning, Pinnacle Systems’ platform is set to deliver solutions that can adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

The key feature of Pinnacle Systems is it provides both on and offsite control and monitoring of an integrated solution, regardless of manufacturer. This level of end-end solution is something that has previously only been available within a single manufacturer portfolio.

Unlike these traditional solutions, Pinnacle Systems is truly independent, giving integrators the freedom to select the best hardware and software that best suits their end-user needs.

Ric concludes: “There are so many fantastic products out there in the market, we want to bring them together to provide the ultimate solutions for end-users.  Pinnacle Systems pushes the boundaries of what is possible in security integration, constantly exploring new technologies and methodologies to deliver evolving solutions to its customers.

"As pioneers in integration, we also believe that true innovation comes from listening to the needs of our industry and being proactive to meet demands.  With Pinnacle Systems, we are proud to offer a platform that empowers our customers to take control of their choices and deliver to their customers, whilst adapting to the security challenges of today and tomorrow."

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