Paxton launch definitive guide to COVID-secure buildings to get Britain back to work safely

Paxton launch definitive guide to COVID-secure buildings to get Britain back to work safely

Paxton is introducing free bespoke learning, new products and a brand-new guide to help installers help their customers ensure their buildings are COVID-secure. The initiative has been designed in line with the new UK government guidelines - ‘Working safely during COVID-19’. In a new, 45-minute webinar, Paxton will show installers how to match their security offering with the ‘practical considerations of how to operate safely in the workplace’. The UK manufacturer & market leader in access control is also launching a new release for Net2, specially developed to support social distancing.

Like many installers right now, Paxton recognise they have an important role to play in helping companies across the country update their buildings and reopen their businesses safely and securely to support the economy. As a UK manufacturer with over 35 years expertise in securing buildings, the route for Paxton is always through educating their trusted network of security installers to deliver genuine solutions for the real world. Paxton’s recent round of webinars, across April & May have seen 2,700 installers attend.

Gareth O’Hara Chief Sales Officer said: “As a manufacturer of technology, in partnership with installation companies we have an opportunity to positively contribute to protecting people against COVID-19. Access Control has a key role in helping ensure buildings are COVID-secure. At present, thousands of buildings across the country have to implement new measures to comply with the UK government guidelines. Right now business owners are working out how to safely transition people back to work. Our message to security installers is: Please do not wait. We want them to start to become familiar with the guidance and Net2 solutions and support their customers in making their buildings COVID-19 secure. From the webinar, the supporting technical information to the new Net2 release and free customer guide, we believe they will have everything they need.”

Since the new guidelines were released by the UK government in May 2020, Paxton’s team of researchers have been thoroughly reviewing all the content to ensure the most relevant, up to date information is shared with their customers. The result is a webinar packed full of useful advice to help installers reach out to their customers with confidence. The session covers 4 key areas:

  • Contactless entry & exit – hygienic access, move away from touch-based devices, specifically referenced in government guidelines
  • Flexible access permissions – meet social distancing guidelines, limit high traffic & apply one-way flow of movement
  • NEW in Net2 from JULY 2020: Occupancy management – control and monitor people numbers in any given area and support social distancing
  • Thermal scanning – use cameras to ensure health & wellbeing in high security areas and identify people that could be at risk, quickly

As part of the new plan, Paxton are introducing an Occupancy Management feature in Net2 and some improvements to integration with thermal scanners to give installers the best options for safe, secure access. Due for release in July 2020, Net2 Occupancy Management allows you to limit the number of people in any given area; either barring access or sending an email/text to the building manager when a space nears capacity. It works across multiple areas of a site and can be set to operate a one in, one out system to support social distancing measures.

Adam Stroud, Paxton CEO says: "We understand the important part that access control has to play in managing the flow of people around a building in order to support a hygienic environment.  In addition, controlling the density of people in any given area is a valuable tool to help businesses of all types to become 'COVID-secure'.  Net2 is the best selling access control system in the UK and so we have developed the new Occupancy Management feature to meet this specific need.  For new and existing Net2 customers we hope that this new functionality helps the efforts that we are all making to observe social distancing and keep people safe."

Paxton have also created a useful digital guide for end-users which explains in easy terms what to ask their installer for to make their building COVID-secure.

Katie Millis-Ward, Divisional Director of Communications says: “We genuinely want to help our installers help their customers. Providing insight into the detailed government guidelines to make it simple for both the installer and the end customer is something we are well placed to do. There’s a lot of information for businesses to digest to make buildings safe and we hope we have broken it down into a digestible format so people can get started with confidence. Our new COVID-secure with Net2 customer guide should help anyone, even if they have no knowledge of access control so far.”

Paxton’s new webinar, the Definitive Guide to COVID-secure Buildings with Net2 starts on 16 June and run twice daily. Installers can sign up at: