Paxton COVID-secure tutorials and resources launched on demand

Paxton COVID-secure tutorials and resources launched on demand

The security technology manufacturer Paxton have made their free COVID-secure tutorials on demand, meaning they can now be watched anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

Back in June and during lockdown, Paxton took the initiative to create a no-nonsense webinar based on the UK government guidelines, ‘Working safely during COVID-19’. Paxton’s mission is to continually provide their installers with educational videos that help them reduce the risk of infection, work safely and prepare them with the right tools to make their end user buildings COVID-secure.

In addition to the on-demand webinar, Paxton have developed a dedicated COVID-secure resource area on their website to support their installers. This is to provide a centralised and easy to use platform where installers can build their knowledge and understanding through new literature, training tutorials, application notes and details of product integrations.

Gareth O’Hara, Paxton’s Chief Sales Officer explains: “Like many installers right now, we recognise we have an important role to play in helping companies across the country update their buildings and reopen their businesses safely and securely to support the economy”

Many installers are now retuning to site and planning future projects. This has led Paxton to create informative content on demand. The online guide gives installers viewing flexibility and the potential to re-watch when needed. The Paxton team believe this is beneficial and will consistently publish guidance as changes arise to support their valued installers by helping them move forward and plan for the time ahead.

Paxton’s Divisional Director of Communications Katie Millis-Ward said: “Our aim is to make life easy for our installers and customers as guidance changes. Making the tutorials on demand and opening up a dedicated area of our website gives them the tools at hand to use when they see fit. We are dedicated to developing products and content that really helps make buildings and people safer during this time”.

Subjects covered in the free 30-minute tutorial include:

  • Contactless access control – hygienic access for entry and exit, move away from touch-based devices, specifically referenced in government guidelines
  • Flexible access permissions– meet social distancing guidelines, limit high traffic & apply a one-way flow of movement
  • NEW in Net2: Occupancy management– group visitors and staff to designated areas as well as monitor people numbers with alerts to support social distancing
  • Thermal scanning– protect staff by using thermal cameras and facial recognition to ensure health & wellbeing, by identifying people that could be at risk, quickly and efficiently

Since launching the webinar, Paxton have seen over 1300 installers take advantage of the free information on industry sector guidelines. Numbers are continuing to rise daily. Colin Todd the owner of MMV Contracting Ltd said: “Already Paxton’s Net2 could do so much to help with on-site controls, and now with the new occupancy feature, Paxton’s Net2 can do so much more.”

Use this link anytime to watch Paxton’s definitive guide to COVID-secure buildings.

For further product information and guidance on implementations needed to meet current government guidelines you can also visit the company’s dedicated COVID-resources web page