New Paxton10 system revealed as roadshow gets underway

New Paxton10 system revealed as roadshow gets underway

Paxton’s next generation access control and video management solution was revealed to a roomful of security professionals, as the Paxton10 roadshow got off to an exciting start. Installers saw a range of new products including ultra-high definition Paxton10 cameras – a first for Paxton.

The roadshow is travelling across the UK over the next four weeks to preview Paxton10, the company’s most powerful system yet, which will be launched in November.

The first event took place at The Amex stadium, Brighton, followed by Old Trafford, home of Manchester United, Manchester. Attendees were the first to hear a keynote speech, have one-to-one demos with the Paxton team, get hands-on with the kit, have an exclusive look at the product guide and sign up for training.

The roadshow has impressed *installers:

Craig Lovett, from Prestige Security Solutions, said: "I'll most definitely recommend Paxton10. Like with all Paxton products, the user interface is simple, it's plug-and-play and it looks good. This event is very much like an Apple keynote."

His colleague Shane Langlois agreed: “This has been very professionally put together. I like the freshness of Paxton and the direction the company is moving in. With Paxton products, we've got confidence the end user is going to be comfortable using it. We've got a lot of Net2 sites that would work with an upgrade. Integration is what people want now but it can be complicated. This is simple but powerful." 

Paxton CEO Adam Stroud said: “It was great to be able to share details of our new system with such a wide range of installers. Paxton10 was designed with the feedback we've received from them and I can't wait for the full product launch in November.”

A keynote speech by Adam, and CSO Gareth O’Hara, explained how Paxton10 uses the latest technology to combine event and video footage in one place, simplifying site management and security. It was developed to meet the growing need for both access control and video to be managed via a single platform. Adam shared results of a recent Paxton survey, that showed of 1,406 sites fitted with its Net2 access control system, 936 had video surveillance, yet only 62 of these sites integrated the two.

He said: “Installers have told us the complexity of installing two separate systems has been a barrier to integration. We believe good technology should make things simpler, not more complicated. Paxton10 means you only need to install one system, not two. Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do.”

Other Paxton10 benefits include:

  • Only a small number of components required
  • Supports remote access and multi-site management, as well as the use of Bluetooth smart credentials
  • In-built customer training with integrated tutorial videos
  • Simple upgrade path from Net2
  • No license fees and free upgrades for life

The roadshow will be taking place at premium venues across the UK until October 10th. Attendees will also receive a free essential installer kit and have the chance to take part in a virtual reality racing event with big prizes.

Spaces are limited so a £45 refundable deposit is required to secure your ticket.

For more information and to reserve your space: http://www.Paxton.Info/4261

*We spoke to several installers at the Brighton roadshow. More feedback is below:

Marcus Chipman, Thomas Locksmiths: “The event was definitely worth coming to. I like Paxton because of the ease of use. As an installer, I like things to be easy."

Richard Burbidge, Avita: "The day has been superb so far. I've already got a specific job in mind for a client who wants video, and this will work well. I'm very impressed."

James Culmer, Securafit: "It's a really good event, great quality and typical of Paxton. The product has been very well explained and all my questions have been answered."

Michael Boardman, Aldridge: “Simplicity of use comes to mind. I can see how having access control and video on one system is a benefit. The event has been very slick, very professional.”

Lee Whiting, Omiga Fire & Security: “The event was definitely worth attending. The set-up is really good, particularly the demo area. All my questions have been answered and I’ll definitely use Paxton10. The cameras look really good, too.”

Jordan Matthews, Rhodes Security, said: “Today has been a great introduction. You’ve gone over everything really well and I’ve got a nice insight. The pricing of the product is good, and we’ve already got lots of thoughts about quotes. The pricing is already on par with Net2, so if they want additional features, we may as well go with Paxton10.”

Ian Spurgeon, Securafit: “Paxton10 looks like a good product. I’ve got a few ideas of where we could use it, and there’s one site I’ve worked on recently I wish I’d had it on!”