From 17th to 19th January INTERSEC 2016 in Dubai will showcase the latest technologies in Commercial & Information Security, Homeland Security & Policing, Fire & Rescue and Safety & Health.
From 17th to 19th January INTERSEC 2016 in Dubai will showcase the latest technologies in Commercial & Information Security, Homeland Security & Policing, Fire & Rescue and Safety & Health.

Maximize connected security at INTERSEC 2016 with intelligent products made by Bosch

Bosch Security Systems will display its innovative security, safety and communications products on booth S1-J24, Saeed Hall.  

Come and be inspired by our product innovations

The award winning FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000 MP indoor camera offers a full 180-degree or 360-degree overview of a particular area with 12 megapixel sensor resolution at 30 frames per second. Its full suite of on-board intelligent video analytics ensure that operators are alerted when needed and relevant data is retrieved instantly from hours of stored video data.  For indoor and outdoor applications the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP offers the smallest 360-degree dome design available on the market combining five megapixel sensor resolution at 15 frames per second with a fish-eye lens. Both camera models ensure a complete overview in a single image without blind spots and the easy capture of moving objects, significantly improving the performance of any video surveillance solution. Since operators cannot be everywhere all the time, both panoramic cameras, are fully supported by Dynamic Transcoding technology. Combined with the Video Security Client or latest Video Security app (iOS devices) users will have easy instant 24/7 remote access to camera controls, live video streams, recordings and multi megapixel dewarped images, regardless of available bandwidth.

At INTERSEC Bosch further enhances its Dynamic Transcoding technology. The ever increasing need for more detail to undisputable distinguish individuals or minor details fuels the increase in camera resolution. Although multi megapixel resolutions, like 4K ultra HD, enables users to see every details it is evident that we also need to ensure that these highly detailed images can be access from anywhere regardless of available bandwidth. That is why Bosch enhances its Dynamic Transcoding technology to support resolutions up to 4K ultra HD. Visit us to experience the live demo how 4K ultra HD images can be viewed remotely also over limited bandwidth connections.

PAVIROis a combined public address and voice evacuation system that offers outstanding audio quality. Easily and quickly specified and configured with optimized system costs, and extremely efficient in its power consumption, PAVIRO sets a new standard in the field of combined public address and voice evacuation systems. PAVIRO’s highly flexible, modular system architecture makes it an attractive, complete system solution for small- to medium-sized installations, including office buildings, regional airports, hotels, factories, schools, department stores and more. As a sound reinforcement solution, it offers best-in-class audio quality; as an evacuation system, it offers exceptional reliability; and as a public address system it offers a level of clarity and intelligibility in line with the highest standards.

Compact Sound Speaker System

Bosch introduces the new Compact Sound speaker series of small-format installed audio products. The Compact Sound speaker series is designed to offer an unparalleled performance-to-size ratio in the small format installed sound category. The series includes five sonically and aesthetically matched models which allow complete systems to be customized more effectively and more economically: subwoofer and satellite speakers for surface-mounting, subwoofer and satellite speakers for ceilings, and a pendant speaker. Individual models may be mixed with one another for optimal results according to application, and all stand apart from other available products by providing a unique combination of superior Bosch sound quality, stylish design, smaller size, and simpler installation.

Video-based Fire Detection

For early fire detection in challenging environments Bosch showcases its video-based fire detection. With its innovative camera technology and the Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) Bosch enables early detection of smoke and flames in environments where these cannot offer satisfactory reaction times such as buildings with high ceilings or dusty and humid areas. Video-based fire detection (VFD) can also secure environments where no other solutions exist, for example saw mills or paper factories, hangars or extremely large monitoring areas.

G Series – high end intrusion alarm system

This new intrusion system stand for integrated security – offering intrusion and commercial fire, access, IP video, Bosch video management system, an app and smart home integration all with one panel.

Commercial Series motion detectors

With the new Commercial Series, Bosch again raises the bar in intrusion detection, delivering performance for small to midsized commercial applications. The new detectors provide excellent catch performance, minimize false alarms by more than 35 percent over detectors from other manufacturers and offer an installation time which is up to 45 percent faster than competitor products.

Bosch Video Management System

Bosch Security Systems has just released Bosch Video Management System (Bosch VMS) 6.0, a new, more open version of its digital video-management software. Version 6.0 now also offers seamless, end-to-end integration with selected third-party cameras and video-data storage systems, as well as other hardware and software solutions, for example, third-party video walls and third-party video analytics.

Bosch to provide BIM files to facilitate construction

Bosch Security Systems showcases Building Information Modeling (BIM) files for parts of its product range. Building Information Modeling is a method used to digitally plan, design, construct and operate buildings and infrastructure in a virtual space. With Building Information Modeling all building data are digitized and networked. This greatly facilitates the planning of a building for all professionals involved in a construction project. If within the virtual building model a change is made by one of the project planners, these alterations are immediately visible to all the professionals involved, from the design team to the main contractor and subcontractors to the owner or operator, since all teams share the same data and work from a single, shared 3D model. When a modification is made in one building section, the effects on all other sections are calculated and shown in real-time; the complete building and construction data are immediately updated and aligned. Bosch Security Systems is supporting Building Information Modeling and will provide architects, building designers, engineers and contractors with free BIM files, starting with Bosch IP video cameras. This data will make it possible to simulate a camera’s field of view in the 3D model, which improves design efficiency in planning a security solution. Gradually Bosch will enlarge its offering of BIM files to include further products, such as smoke detectors.

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