Improving entry security: Well Barn Estate chooses Videx GSM door entry system

Improving entry security: Well Barn Estate chooses Videx GSM door entry system

Well Barn Estate, sprawling across 1,500 acres in Oxfordshire, is one of Southern England's largest and most prestigious estates. Boasting a collection of residential properties and renowned as one of the South’s finest shooting lodges, the estate required a new door entry system to meet the evolving needs of its residents, tradespeople, and guests.

Installer Chubb Fire and Security was tasked with providing a flexible solution that could cater to the diverse entry points and efficiently manage the high volume of visitors to the residential and trade entrances. They recommended the Videx GSM 2270 intercom system which enables enhanced security and streamlined entry processes across the estate.

GSM entry benefits

Chubb Fire and Security recognised the need for a robust and versatile door entry system that could seamlessly integrate with the estate's infrastructure. After careful consideration, they chose the Videx GSM 2270 intercom to address Well Barn Estate's entry challenges.

The intercom leverages GSM technology, enabling connectivity through mobile networks. By utilising mobile networks, the Videx GSM intercoms offer a broad coverage area, ensuring connectivity across the expansive Well Barn Estate. This reach allows for seamless communication and access control from any location within the estate and ensures reliable communication between the intercoms and the residents, regardless of their physical location. With the GSM technology, residents and authorised personnel can remotely manage entry permissions, granting or denying access to visitors. This enables efficient control of access points and helps to reduce the need for on-site personnel.

And now with the introduction of the Videx GSM Cloud, all management of access codes and mobile numbers can be modified on the fly and remotely, meaning if any access is required for a service technician, their credentials can be added instantly to allow them access to the areas they require.  

Customisation and scalability

Chubb Fire and Security customised the Videx GSM 2270 intercoms to fit the unique requirements of Well Barn Estate. The largest intercom panel was designed with six buttons, facilitating easy identification and quick selection. The system also allows for quick and easy future expansion, requiring minimal hardware and programming, providing scalability to accommodate any future growth or changes in the estate's layout.

Stuart Carrington, Installation Supervisor at Chubb Fire and Security, said: “We chose the Videx GSM 2270 intercoms due to their advanced features and reliability. The GSM technology provides seamless connectivity, ensuring that residents and visitors could communicate effectively regardless of where they are. The customisation options and scalability of the system allowed us to tailor it to the specific needs of Well Barn, making it an ideal choice for their upgraded door entry system.”

By choosing the Videx GSM 2270 intercoms, Well Barn Estate successfully overcame its entry challenges and improved security measures. The system provides enhanced connectivity, remote management capabilities, and scalability, addressing the unique requirements of the estate's multiple entrances.

Gareth Bond, South West Sales Manager at Videx, said: “The installation at Well Barn Estate showcases the efficiency and versatility of the Videx GSM systems. By utilising GSM technology, the estate benefits from reliable and secure communication between residents and authorised personnel. The customisable features of the system, coupled with its scalability, make it an excellent choice for estates with multiple entry points and evolving requirements.”

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