CLD systems gears up for an impressive display at ISE exhibition

CLD systems gears up for an impressive display at ISE exhibition

As a leading manufacturer of physical security systems, CLD Systems is proud to introduce its range of sustainable products, including the newly launched fully autonomous off-grid, solar-powered automatic boom arm barrier system, the RiseMaster HE. This innovative system will be showcased at the ISE Exhibition on Tuesday, September 26th. 

CLD Systems, a leading supplier of security fencing in the UK, offers tailored and durable solutions for various environments. Their integrated security solutions cater to the entire project lifecycle, seamlessly transforming temporary installations into permanent ones. With advanced technology and sustainable practices, CLD Systems delivers trusted and eco-friendly security solutions across diverse applications.

CLD Systems' will be at the ISE Exhibition showcasing an array of systems including its Securus range, which offers sustainable specialist security fencing solutions with versatile durability and clear visibility. With small apertures, Securus serves as an exceptional anti-climb system. Its unique retrofitting capability allows for easy panel replacement to adapt to changing security requirements. The Securus range includes the S1, S2, and S3 models, providing comprehensive options for various security needs. By integrating these innovative solutions, CLD Systems creates secure environments with reduced ecological impact. For more information, visit their stand at the ISE Exhibition to learn more about the FenceSafe Securus range.

CLD’s latest product launch is the RiseMaster HE Barrier, a fully autonomous, off-grid, solar powered, automatic boom arm barrier system. The system is available in both surface mount version - free standing and rapidly deployable - as well as a permanent version.

The RiseMaster HE Barrier is specifically designed to provide efficient vehicular control in settings such as secure compounds, construction sites, and events. What sets the RiseMaster HE Barrier apart is its sustainable approach. Equipped with photovoltaic panels, it eliminates the need for road crossing cabling, reducing carbon emissions and the requirement for groundworks during installation. With 24/7 solar autonomy and zero carbon emissions over a 10-year life cycle, it exemplifies CLD Systems' commitment to sustainability.

This system is compliant with Safety Force Test Compliant to EN 12453:2017 and powers access control systems like intercoms and radio transmitters. Its barrier arm features a built-in LED system for safe entry and exit, with force limitation and photocells for accurate presence detection. The RiseMaster's durable, high-strength steel flanged post ensures longevity.

The FenceSafe battery container allows for static equilibrium and convenient battery management, reducing space requirements. Additionally, the RiseMaster can be rented, providing flexible, on-ground physical security that can be easily commissioned and removed without leaving a trace. CLD Systems' multiple UK sites ensure guaranteed available stock to meet short lead time requirements.

Like many CLD solutions, the RiseMaster is available on a rental basis, offering flexible on ground physical security that can be quickly and easily commissioned and removed to leave no trace. The company operates from a range of sites in the UK to also ensure guaranteed available stock to meet short lead time requirements.

Also available for rental is the FenceSafe Eclipse, the next generation of temporary event fencing, offering all the aspects of a rigid mesh fence in a temporary format. The FenceSafe Eclipse provides a profiled fencing system that can be converted to permanent at the end of the project. The patented cantilever base means that the temporary fence is designed to BS EN 1991 for Wind Loading and can withstand winds in excess of 100mph.

Russel Wells, Director of CLD Systems, comments: “Our products embrace the latest in innovative technology with sophisticated control systems to ensure the highest level of security and sustainability and we’re looking forward to showcasing these at ISE. The RiseMaster Barrier is our newest launch and offers customers a tailored, easy to install solution which has been designed with British and European safety regulations in mind.”

To learn more about the RiseMaster HE Barrier and CLD Systems' comprehensive range of security solutions, security professionals are invited to visit stand B121 at the ISE International Security Expo, taking place at Olympia London on September 25th, 2023.

To effectively communicate its comprehensive range of security solutions, CLD has organised its exhibition stand into four distinct sections: In-Ground & Permanent, On-Ground & Temporary, Access Control and Rental. This exhibition will serve as an excellent platform to witness the innovative capabilities of CLD Systems. Visit stand B121 to learn more about the Securus S2, FenceSafe Securus SR1, RiseMaster HE Barrier, and FenceSafe Eclipse.

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