Castel UK launches emergency notification server

A new and highly adaptable emergency notification server designed to automatically notify and manage all kinds of events has been launched in the UK by Castel.

Smart Tamat can interface with a host of devices such as landlines, digital phones (DECT), mobile phones and computers, and can notify in multiple formats including text, voice, email and maps. It acts as the heart of an alarm notification system, mass notification system, nurse call system, lone worker monitoring system or a lockdown system, interfacing between a whole range of event and alarm inputs using cause and effect programming to output notifications in the form of group calls, texts, emails or other alerts. It can extract information from IP enabled devices, serial communications, fire alarms systems and contacts from intruder alarm systems.

The emergency notification server can help provide immediate and relevant notification to emergency personnel and first responders, saving precious time and helping to provide a co-ordinated response, as well as helping institutions such as schools, universities and hospitals comply with response protocols.

In addition, Smart Tamat is a two-way communications hub: not only does it instantly output relevant notifications to the appropriate people, it also handles responses from recipients and then provides any subsequent notifications depending on those responses.

Smart Tamat can also be used as a day-to-day, non-emergency notification system, for applications such as visitor information or guest information in hotels. It is compatible with Castel’s IP SIP (Session Initiating Protocol) Xellip intercom and has been integrated with major VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony enterprise solutions such as Mitel, Avaya and Alcatel.

Smart Tamat monitors system health, isolates and solves any network issues and ensures that all protocols are followed. New to the UK, it has been installed extensively in Asia, Africa and Europe. In France alone there are more than 3,500 reference sites, including central monitoring of hydraulics at a major power company, server room temperature and other sensor monitoring at a multi-national food manufacturer, and lone worker monitoring with DECT phones interface to improve employee safety at an international luxury goods company.

“Smart Tamat provides unparalleled visibility of data and events on a network, with user-friendly and easily accessible technology,” said Atmane Bensghir, Castel’s Business Development Manager for UK & Ireland. “It’s a multi-faceted and highly adaptable notifications tool and can be compared to the flexibility and adaptability of a Swiss Army penknife.”