For mechanical security you can trust, look behind the key

For mechanical security you can trust, look behind the key

When choosing mechanical security, what the customer can’t see is as important as what they can. Every time mechanical security locks a door or other opening — at home or work — a keyholder puts their trust in the technology, ingenuity and heritage of its manufacturer.

ASSA ABLOY’s history of inventing locks and keys stretches back more than a century. Since the invention of the pin tumbler by Linus Yale, ASSA ABLOY Group brands have led the way in developing locking technologies that inspire customers’ trust. The Euro Profile Cylinder — first patented by an ASSA ABLOY company in 1928 — has become the gold standard in mechanical door security in Europe and beyond.

Even as ASSA ABLOY develops new products at the leading edge of electronic access control, R&D investment continues to produce innovations in mechanical security, too. To bring these innovations to a global market, advanced production technologies combine the highest quality of construction with materials selected for their durability.

The result? A comprehensive product range which meets the security needs of almost any industry or opening — from monumental glass entrance doors to tiny micro-switches.

Why do millions of customers trust ASSA ABLOY?

A decades-long track record of quality and reliability earned ASSA ABLOY mechanical locking solutions the trust of businesses worldwide. ASSA ABLOY’s experience — alongside the expertise of an established locksmith and security partner network — equips customers with the right solution every time.

Tailor-made master key systems (MKS) — plus keyed-alike and keyed-to-differ (KA/KD) options — provide flexibility to secure any premises with convenient, time-saving mechanical locking.

For peace of mind, most ASSA ABLOY product lines offer enhanced protection against existing security threats, from pulling and picking to drilling and cylinder snapping. Rigorous in-house and third-party testing pushes ASSA ABLOY’s mechanical solutions to their limits, to ensure customers can trust every lock to meet and exceed relevant national and international security standards.

ASSA ABLOY’s active patent strategy adds another layer of customer safety. Patent protection stretching into the 2030s makes it illegal to copy ASSA ABLOY keys without authorization. Property owners and building managers sleep easily at night, knowing the risk that their keys fall into the wrong hands is much lower than with “off-the-shelf” solutions.

The same care, trust, innovation and quality goes into everything ASSA ABLOY creates today — and will continue long in the future. So, every time a customer locks their door, they can be confident in what’s behind the key, too.

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