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Information is being weaponised. JJ Patrick, author of the best-selling book Alternative War, delves into the manipulation of data and how it is increasingly being used to attack the very fabric of our society. The Cambridge Analytica scandal and the alleged Russian interference in elections in the USA and UK are key examples.

How do you protect a building from terrorist attack, especially when it is also a public building? The Houses of Parliament is an iconic building of national importance that has seen two high profile attacks within a year.  Fay Tennet, Deputy Director of Security at the Houses of Parliament has the challenging role of ensuring public and private cooperation between the several police forces and security agencies within the Palace of Westminster.

What are the real security threats we face in our society today? Take airports, for example, the gateways to our country, which are facing a diverse range of risks that must be mitigated against.  Heathrow has become a mini-city with retail outlets, banks, hotels, restaurants, bars and more, which, combined with a major transport hub, serves a global population and therefore is exposed to many threats. Tom Willis is Head of Security with the responsibility of protecting Heathrow and has a unique insight into what it takes to bring people, technology and procedures together in order to mitigate risk.

We take it for granted that we know where all our ships are whilst they are at sea, thanks to GPS and satellite technology. But can we trust it all of the time? Tony Gee, the Founder of Pen Test Partners, will show just how easy it is to hack the very systems that are supposed to keep global shipping safe and moving.

These are just snippets from the 13 conferences over the 2 days of the International Security Expo at London Olympia on 28th and 29th November 2018.

Let JJ Patrick explain the power of data and its manipulation and Fay explain the challenges of keeping public buildings safe. Listen to Tom’s tips and pointers for best practice across the industry and what the security team has learnt in the process of keeping Heathrow safe and watch Tony’s fast-paced demonstration and presentation will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Be one of the 12,500 visitors over the 2 days making most of the conferences as well as 350 exhibitors showing over 1000 innovative products. Wander through the 300Sqm Protecting Urban Spaces demonstrator where security systems are integrated in a realistic setting. Visit the collocated International Disaster Response Expo.

Exploit the experiences of the 40+ Advisory Council members who have provided guidance and direction for the event as well as the government focused strategic partners who form the core of the expo.

All of this and so much more, on one free pass.  Put 28th and 29th November in your diary and visit and join this leading industry event.