Security Essen 2018

Hazard Prevention on Land, on Water and in the Air: Security Fair Presents Solutions for the Transport and Logistics Sectors

Due to the further opening of the market in Europe and the increasing globalisation, the transport and logistics sectors are pleased about undreamt-of chances. However, the subject of security is simultaneously becoming an important permanent task for the sector: From the increasing danger of terrorism via the challenges of digitalisation right up to new statutory regulations - old and new hazards are requiring an overview of possibilities for taking precautions and reducing risks. The subject of security is becoming more significant for local public passenger transport companies too because, for many travellers, the perception of their own security is decisive for using a means of transport. For operators, strengthening the feeling of security is therefore a relevant, economic factor which may be reflected in the company figures in a concrete form. At Security Essen, decision takers and trade visitors will gain an overview of all the facets of the security sector. From September 25 to 28, 2018, the impetus-providing global fair for civil security at Messe Essen will once more offer the answers to current challenges facing the economy and the society.

Security Essen: The Leading Fair for Civil Security

Exhibitors will present innovations relating to all aspects of IT security, access systems and security services. These will be supplemented by solutions for video surveillance, fire prevention and mechanical security systems. On the occasion of the coming event, the global fair will be reorganised with regard to the contents and the areas too. In the future, exhibitors and visitors will profit from a new hall structure at Messe Essen. In six higher-level subject worlds, the structure will, from then on, be oriented even more strongly to the range offered by the exhibitors: "Services", "Access", "Mechatronics", "Mechanics and Systems", "Video" as well as "Fire, Intrusion and Systems" will form the new subject worlds. As a reaction to the changing challenges, the Cyber Security and Economic Security areas will constitute another main focal point to which a separate hall will be dedicated for the first time. This new alignment will be particularly valuable for the transport and logistics sectors because the hazards resulting from digitalisation are real on land, on water and in the air. Already in 2012, cyber criminals attacked a track section of the NorthWest Rail Company in the USA and disabled the signalling installations by intervening in the IT system. Specialists needed two days in order to repair the damage: Even if there were fortunately no personal injuries, the downtime of the track section entailed a bitter financial loss for the operator.

Cyber Security Conference Provides a Strong Signal for Digital Security

At Security Essen, specialists will discuss scenarios like this within the framework of the Cyber Security Conference. Four days' long, attention will focus on transferring knowledge and exchanging experience. Because digital technology brings more comfort but, amongst many manufacturers and users, raises questions about unwanted access and intervention on the part of hackers and data thieves. The door system with video-based access checking, the fire alarms controllable using an app or also the house technology connected to the control centre - digital communication is everywhere and results in sensitive data which must be protected from being accessed by any third parties: a challenge which will increase rather than decrease due to the trends of autonomous driving and the "Internet of Things". As a result of the close intermeshing of the conference and the fair, trade visitors and exhibitors will have the possibility of obtaining information close to the fair and in the middle of the happenings. All the lectures will be planned to be user-related and will let visitors go home with the best possible benefits and concrete approaches. For example, visitors will, after a lecture on the subject of "Secure Cloud Services", be able to obtain information about technical cyber defence products directly on the booth of HKS Sicherheitsberatung.

Focus on "Airports": Hardly Any Other Area is More Sensitive

A hacker overcomes the firewall of the tower, terrorists smuggle weapons through the checking channel for people and gangs steal valuable goods from the site at night: The areas of tasks and the hazard scenarios in air security are diverse. In this respect, successful defence and risk reduction require extensive know-how, technical equipment and constant adjustment to the current hazard situation. Fairs offer the ideal opportunity to find all the components necessary for a comprehensive security concept in a bundled form in one place. With the Federal Association of Air Security Companies (BDLS), the participants in Security Essen 2018 will include one important representative of the aviation sector. BDLS represents the economic, economic policy and specialist interests of its member

companies on the national and European levels. At German airports, more than 23,000 private security operatives check and protect 223 million passengers and 4.6 million tonnes of air freight every year. The personnel necessary for this purpose is supplied by security service providers such as Stölting or Kötter. Trade visitors will be able to get to know service providers of this kind at Security Essen.

Focus on "Seaports": Digital Broadside on Water

In many states, the seaports and the inland ports are amongst the most significant places for the transshipment of goods. As logistics service providers and as a "gateway to the world", they have outstanding significance for the German economy too - Germany's role as one of the leading export nations would not be conceivable without them. In numerous supply chains, they are an important link because nearly every branch of the economy is reliant on functioning ports and well-developed infrastructures. In this respect, ports are exposed, in particular, to terrorist threats and natural hazards. There is also a growing threat posed by organised crime which, in a targeted way, has set its sights on lucrative container thefts. At Security Essen, companies such as Berlemann Torbau and Perimeter Protection will therefore offer solutions for perimeter protection.

At night, it is primarily intelligent camera systems which ensure protection from crime. In this respect, modern systems establish in an automated method whether an object is approaching a site, from what direction it is coming or how long it stays in an area. With the collected data, algorithms can recognise objects and classify them, for example, as a "person" or an "animal". The suppliers of such systems include, for example, Promise Technology which will be represented at the next Security Essen as a developer of open storage platforms for IP video surveillance. Schneider Intercom will be another supplier located in this segment and will bring security and communication solutions, based on intercom and IP technologies, with it to the next leading fair for civil security. Systems of this kind offer the advantage that speech, images and data are networked on a single system platform with a uniform operator interface.

Focus on "Railways and Local Public Passenger Transport":More Turnover with Security

Customer surveys regularly show that travellers' feeling of security exerts a great influence on the satisfaction with the overall range offered by the transport operator. In this respect, the most important factors in order to increase the travellers' feeling of security include the presence of uniformed personnel, visible security technology such as cameras and emergency call equipment as well as the good lighting of vehicles and sites. With Accellence Technologies, an experienced partner for solutions relating to all aspects of emergency call and service control centres will be represented at Security Essen 2018. Moreover, the requirements on security and alarm systems in industrial applications are becoming increasingly demanding and complex. In this respect, design demands frequently fall by the wayside. This is annoying, above all, for the field of local public passenger transport. A remedy is provided, for example, by lighting solutions from Pfannenberg. In September, trade visitors to Security Essen will be able to inspect artistically designed lighting systems which architects, designers as well as urban and regional planners regularly use for projects in public spaces.

September 25 to 28, 2018: Security Essen Focuses on Digitalisation and Networking

For the first time, Security Essen from September 25 to 28, 2018 will take place in the modernised halls at Messe Essen. That opened up the possibility of completely new structuring of the fair. In order to ensure optimum orientation and placing for exhibitors and trade visitors, the event will be divided into six subject areas. The digital focusing will be accompanied by a new, attention-grabbing supporting programme: For example, the Federal Office for Information Security and the Federal Association for Security Technology will stage the Cyber Security Conference which will be tailored to users and will be convenient and quick to reach directly in the happenings at the fair. The Discussion Circle on Internal Security with participants from the police, scientific, judicial and political fields as well as from local authorities and the security industry will take place parallel to this. Furthermore, a large special show area under the guiding motto of "Public Security Forum" in which live scenarios for the protection of public spaces will be shown will await the visitors in Hall 8.

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