Meet Spot the robot dog at Carlisle Support Services’ Innovation Lab Event at Manchester Central

Meet Spot the robot dog at Carlisle Support Services’ Innovation Lab Event at Manchester Central

Marlowe Fire & Security will be showcasing their latest, state of the art security solutions at Carlisle Support Services’ Innovation Lab on Thursday 23rd February, where attendees will get the opportunity to meet Spot - the four legged doglike robot.

Spot will be on patrol at the event at the iconic Manchester Central Convention Complex with live demonstrations where visitors can find out more about how robot dogs can assist with surveillance and security operations while improving safety and efficiencies.

Spot the Robot Dog

A remarkably smart robot, Spot can understand and navigate an environment independently. Using a sophisticated system of sensors, AI and machine learning, Spot can carry out autonomous missions including sensing and inspecting sites and capturing limitless, consistent data, allowing businesses to better monitor their assets and make informed decisions, whilst also freeing up employees for value-added work.

Spot provides enhanced support and improved efficiency of human patrol operations, elevating safety and security measures of stand-alone manned guarding. It can perform perimeter patrols either independently or supervised by a security team member, and can also be operated and controlled remotely via a tablet.

Machine learning capabilities enable Spot to adapt to any terrain and create a comprehensive map of its patrol area. It can effortlessly cruise over loose gravel, curbs, grass, stairs, rough terrain, and 360 degree perception allows it to avoid any obstacles.

Spot can be deployed in hazardous situations that are too dangerous, or too difficult, for human entry, reducing risk and enabling operators to safely assess suspected hazards from a safe distance.

Designed with hypersensitive sensors, Spot has the capability to detect a range of potentially dangerous warning signs including hot spots on machines or electrical conductors, water and steam leaks, gas leak or fire, radiation, vibration, and even noise anomaly detection to detect abnormal operating noises like ticking, grinding, or whirring.

By capturing frequent, high quality data that can be integrated into an asset management system to detect anomalies, businesses can gain comprehensive site visibility, turn insights into action, and avoid any downtime.

The use of autonomous robots for security is becoming more and more prevalent as technology rapidly advances. With so many features available, Spot is a great fit for many applications including manufacturing, construction, power & utilities, public safety and much more.

Paul Mather, Managing Director of Marlowe Fire & Security commented:

“We are proud to be working in partnership with Carlisle Support Services and excited to be exhibiting at the Innovation Lab event, where we will showcase our latest innovative solutions including Spot.

Innovation is at the forefront of all we do at Marlowe Fire & Security and now AI-enabled video analytics can be leveraged in more sectors than ever before to improve safety, security and operational efficiency.”

Chief Executive Officer of the event’s host, Carlisle Support Services, Paul Evans said:

“Helping organisations keep up to date with the latest solutions and technologies such as Spot the robot dog is precisely what the Innovation Lab intends to do. We are pleased to have Marlowe demonstrate Spot’s ability to carry out autonomous missions, therefore improving efficiency and elevating safety, particularly in hazardous situations.”

Andy Kelly, Director of Facilities Management & Infrastructure at Manchester Central said:

“We’re really excited to see Spot the robot dog in action at the Innovation Lab. This is another great example of how events such as this play a pivotal role in driving progress and innovation, across all business sectors. Security is a critical area for the events sector and it’s fantastic to see real cutting-edge technology, such as this, emerging to support the incredible work security teams do to ensure safe and enjoyable event experiences.”

About The Event

Set in the iconic Manchester Central Convention Complex, the Innovation Lab will address key topics and explore forthcoming trends, challenges, purposeful initiatives, and pioneering solutions within the Security & FM sectors.

The event promises to deliver a day of solution exploration, professional development, and networking to assist businesses in overcoming today’s challenges while providing a platform to take on tomorrow’s. Equally important, empowering leaders to engage with innovative solutions and asses their viability within day-to-day operations before committing to substantial capital investments.

Event registrations for the Innovation Lab are available on Eventbrite at:

About Marlowe Fire & Security

From initial design, supply and installation, through to ongoing maintenance and monitoring, Marlowe Fire & Security maintain the capability to help prevent, detect and monitor your fire and security risks.

Through their ongoing commitment to Compliance and Best Practice Marlowe Fire & Security ensures that their customers receive a world class service. To provide their customers with total Peace of Mind Marlowe Fire & Security maintain the highest accreditations available to the fire life safety and security industry including NSI NACOSS Gold, NSI Fire Gold, BAFE and NSI ARC Gold.

About Carlisle Support Services

Carlisle Support Services is a leading supplier of value-added solutions to chosen niche markets. Employing c. 5,000 people, they focus on the provision of cleaning, security, events, and retail facilities support services. They partner with their clients in long-term relationships to deliver sustainable service innovations and operating efficiencies. Continuous improvement in service quality standards is built into all Carlisle business solutions.

Their business aim is to create business efficiencies, which translate into an improvement in shareholder and stakeholder value.

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