Here comes MIBA - The Milan International Building Alliance

Here comes MIBA - The Milan International Building Alliance

Four events - GEE-Global Elevator Exhibition, ME-MADE expo, SMART BUILDING EXPO and SICUREZZA - for a single appointment scheduled in November 2023 at Fiera Milano

MIBA-Milan International Building Alliance, the event that from 15 to 18 November 2023 will bring together four exhibitions -  GEE - Global Elevator Exhibition, ME-MADE expo, SMART BUILDING EXPO and SICUREZZA - has been presented in front of numerous institutional experts and representatives in Milan. The global proposal will show the synergy between fundamental compartments for the design, construction and requalification of buildings.


A special attention is being paid in Europe to the reduction of the impact of buildings on the environment, with specific decarbonisation targets, specifically to reach a 55% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. In the old continent, in fact, according to data from Energy&Strategy-Politecnico di Milano, 85% of buildings are over 20 years old and, at the present time, only 0.2% of buildings undergo deep renovation works each year and achieve an energy consumption reduction of at least 60%. In addition to that, 50% of the approximately 13.5 million buildings existing in Italy today is over 50 years old.

According to ISTAT (the Italian National Institute of Statistics), the construction sector, driven by tax incentives, has been growing steadily for over a year, bringing a +1.4% growth in employment in the first three months of 2022.

This has opened up huge opportunities for all the markets involved, from design to materials, systems, and technologies. As a matter of fact, these works would push the improvement of buildings to meet new regulations and achieve European objectives by reducing the impact on the planet and energy consumption in favour of a greater living comfort.

While the building industry is going to change deeply in a long-term scenario, to become a true ‘service provider’ (energy, health, safety, comfort), its turnover is expected to become significant over the next few years. According to recent estimates by Energy&Strategy-Politecnico di Milano, investments - analysed in three scenarios (basic, moderate and accelerated) - will range from a minimum of €10.7 billion to a maximum of €21 billion in 2026 and will affect 110,000 to 230,000 buildings.


With MIBA events, Fiera Milano is offering an opportunity to reflect on this ongoing revolution and grow the markets around this world. This is an important initiative at a time when renewed attention is being paid to the role of the building industry as a carrier of development, one that brings about concrete initiatives implemented to spur the evolution of the building sector and its green and sustainable transformation.

MIBA will welcome the response of the companies of the sector, a continuous innovation process where new solutions are proposed from materials to plant engineering. The goal of the sector is indeed to offer high standards with the aim of bringing the building industry to establish itself as the central cell of the city, increasingly smart and sustainable.

The synergy between these 4 events, which are the expression of the various markets that are called to interact and work together for the creation of efficient buildings, is the format through which the players of this industry will be able to discover the proposals of the most qualified companies: MIBA’s objective is to connect as much as 1,000 companies with the professionals of the sector.

The four international appointments will introduce the best of the evolution and innovation that is taking place in the building industry in its broadest dimension.


The events of MIBA - Milan International Building Alliance are benchmark appointments for their respective sectors.

GEE, Global Elevator Exhibition, is an event entirely dedicated to horizontal and vertical mobility that will be held from November 15 to 17, 2023. Strongly desired by the industry, which needed a landmark event with an international scope, the event aims to be a European meeting hub for the lift, escalator, moving walkway and component industry, representing and promoting the highest quality, safety, and technical standards. This event will be a showcase dedicated to one of the sectors that are most sensitive to the ongoing changes and that are most interesting for urban renewal and the mitigation of energy expenditure.

ME-MADE expo is Italy’s leading event for the construction industry. Scheduled from 15 to 18 November 2023, it will be a highly specialised and integrated platform with two exhibitions: Construction and Building Envelope. Both offers will revolve around the topics of Innovation and Sustainability, proposing to companies, buyers, professionals, technicians and operators the most advanced products, services and technologies to pave the way for the future of the construction world.

SMART BUILDING EXPO (15-17 November 2023) is the home, building automation and technology integration event organized by Fiera Milano and Pentastudio. Against the backdrop of a fast-developing market in which buildings are always more automated, connected and multitasking, it will talk about innovation with a focus on sustainable and smart solutions, where each building is increasingly considered as the basic unit of the smart city.

SICUREZZA (15-17 November 2023) is the reference event in Italy, and among the first in Europe, dedicated to security and fire. Addressed to all the professionals of the world of security, the event offers a comprehensive overview of video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and fire-fighting systems, but also of the new frontiers of cyber security. In its 2023 edition, SICUREZZA is preparing to give space to all the souls of the industry and delve into current trends: digitisation, integrated systems and customised solutions, but also new skills and professionalism.

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