The key to success

The key to success

Abloy Cliq remote helps secure high security areas

Imagine an access control system that can be incorporated into a masterkey system – either new or existing. Imagine being able to include padlocks in the system, monitor key usage and even schedule when it is used. Wouldn’t it be ideal to include multiple sites, even in remote locations and remove keys from the system when lost or stolen?
Well, now you can and all securely over the internet. The new CLIQ Remote electromechanical locking solution from Abloy UK is ideal for the high security market, helping to make key management easier across large, multi-site masterkey applications. 
Recently named Access Control Product of the Year CT SS Counter Terror Awards – as well as at the IFSEC Awards 2011 – ABLOY CLIQ Remote uses web based software allowing site operators, security managers and their contractors to have keys remotely authorised for use in specific operational areas within the existing masterkey system for a pre-determined period of time. This ensures a high level of key control incorporating maximum flexibility to provide access in the event of an emergency to approved key holders. ABLOY CLIQ Remote offers comprehensive audit trailsand the ability to remove lost or stolen CLIQ keys from the system, thereby providing tight key management at all times. ABLOY CLIQ Remote operates with a key receiving access rights and or time validations through a wall programming unit or a personal programming unit connected to a mobile phone that can transfer schedules, download audits and amend authorisations for user keys. 
Easy to install, ABLOY CLIQ Remote offers a cost-effective extension to existing systems while providing for centralised administration, key management automation and an audit trail, with timely reporting on systems statistics, managed over the internet in a highly secure server. And due to the use of individually programmable cylinders and keys, ABLOY CLIQ Remote enables complete electronic security management and control, even to grant variable access rights for personnel visiting remote,secure locations.
As Barry Jenkins, Abloy UK General Sales Manager, Market Development explains: “ABLOY CLIQ Remote offers tremendous functionality for remote access control. Not only is it easy to install and for clients to use, but also keys can be managed remotely across multiple sites for timed access and keys that get lost can easily have their access rights removed without changing cylinders. “This further demonstrates Abloy UK’s commitment to  providing quality access control solutions across various industries. ABLOY CLIQ Remote means less personto- person contacts for key updates, easier administration and fewer software installations. ABLOY CLIQ Remote really does offer the ultimate synergy between thephysical security of mechanical keys and cylinders with the benefits of access control.” The software allows additional data to be written to the keys, removing the need to visit each lock individually and upload audit trails automatically.
The ABLOY CLIQ Remote solution is ideal for multiple applications, some of which include:
• In the health sector, drug cabinet usage, and with enforced validations you download each day’s audit trail, to see who used the cabinet and when.
• Gaming machines and Cash-in- Transit can have CLIQ Remote to ensure that cash is only accessed at pre-arranged times, and each access is digitally recorded.
• U tility companies, with hundreds of sites spread across a wide geographic area, can integrate to existing master key systems, allowing contractors and engineers scheduled access. In the event of emergency requirements, temporary access can be granted across GSM and Broadband with the mobile updater device at the click of a mouse.
This is just a selection of the wide range of applications where ABLOY CLIQ Remote is useful. The product range includes a comprehensive range of cylinders, padlocks, cam and cabinet locks. For remote and highly secure outdoor sites, padlocks are likely to be an integral part of security and ABLOY CLIQ Remote includes an IP57 variant as well as the standard range that conforms to BS EN12320 at the highest grades like the rest of the range. CLIQ technology is based on highly miniaturised data encryption electronics, which are embedded directly inside the key and the cylinder. The CLIQ key contains a unique electronic ID code that cannot be duplicated, altered or corrupted. Abloy UK supplies a marketleading range of padlocks, electric locks and cylinders for cabinets and doors in retail, leisure and museumenvironments as well as utilities, telecommunications and military applications.
When merging access control with physical security, why compromise? n To see ABLOY CLIQ Remote for yourself, visit

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