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Access control is the restriction of access to a room or building to authorised personnel.  When securing people or property, access control is vital in keeping out unauthorised users, whilst admitting authorised users.

There are variety of products on the market to achieve Access Control, including credential readers, keypads and biometric products.  BSB Electronics have over 30 years' experience in manufacturing access control systems and offer a range of high quality, affordable products to secure your people and property.  Progeny access control products are continually developed in line with the company's commitment to innovation, quality and service.  All Progeny products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty so you can buy with confidence.

Access control can fall into two categories: projects with a low number of doors or users which required a simple 'standalone' system, or an 'online' system which could support a large number of doors and users, with added functionality.

BSB's Progeny range of access control systems enable customers to expand from 1 door to 32,000 doors, making them perfect for businesses large and small. The Progeny range was launched in 1980, with all products being designed and manufactured in the UK at their plant in Great Harwood, Lancashire.  The Progeny range has evolved over the years, starting with the P1 system which has evolved into the P4 system being used today.

Progeny access control systems are used throughout the world, in sectors ranging from student accommodation and healthcare to finance and sporting venues. 

P4 Controllers

The latest Progeny system is P4, available both standalone and networked.  Standalone systems are ideal for projects with a low number of doors or users – programming is done via the keypad itself, making it simple to operate and maintain.  The online system offers many great features including a 5 A power supply, interlocking as standard and a capacity of up to 128,000 users.  The online controller is feature-packed and scalable to grow with your business.

As well as providing access control, the P4 system offers many additional features.  Should your business require random search of employees for security reasons, the P4 Controller allows random impartial searches to be carried out.  An adjustable search rate can be set from 1 in 1 to 1 in 99 to flag users as they pass through a door or turnstile.  In conjunction with Progeny's management software, the system can also be used for Roll Call and to print ID badges.

The P4 controllers are available in a variety of models including GPRS and PoE (Power over Ethernet) which are ideal for locations where mains power is not easily accessible.  The GPRS option makes use if the telephone data infrastructure to communicate with the management software.  PoE technology allows data and power to be passed along the same cable.  This allows for a simple, fast and cost-effective install.  So, no matter how remote or unusual the location, you can still protect your people and premises.  The controller will still function even if Ethernet communications are lost, giving you complete peace of mind.

Complete Range of Access Control Products

Progeny offers everything you need for reliable and affordable access control, including readers, keypads, credentials, long range RFID and interlocks.  All products are designed and manufactured in the UK and come with a lifetime guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Readers are available in several different formats: proximity, barcode and magstripe.  Progeny proximity readers are IP rated and have a simple 4 wire interface to the P4 Controller.  Choose from switch plate, mullion and panel mount designs.  In response to customer requests, the readers now come in a 'Dark Crystal' design, with a simple black outer.

Keypads are popular because the user does not need to carry a card or fob, instead they enter a PIN or code to gain access.  Progeny keypads are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and feature backlit keys to make access at night easier.  A vandal resistant option is available for public facing, outdoor applications which comes with Progeny's Vandal Proof Guarantee.

The high security Scramble Keypad is a popular product within the finance industry.  Only the person using the keypad can see which numbers are being entered.  Each time the keypad is used, the numbers for each key are randomly moved to new positions.  Observing which keys are pressed will not reveal the code or PIN to an on looker.  With over 3.6 million permutations, this keypad is often used in banks and building societies.


Interlock systems control the locking of two or more doors, if one door is open or unlocked, all the other doors remain locked and will not open until the first door is closed or locked.  Interlocks are popular in clean rooms, jewellery stores, laboratories and bank lobbies.  The P4 Controllers have interlocking interfaces as standard – enabling you to mix interlock controllers with access controllers on the same system.

Doors Enterprise Software

Management software for access control systems can often be an added cost – but the Doors Enterprise software for the Progeny range is free of charge.  The latest version can be downloaded from the Progeny website:, with all updates also being free.  The software is compatible with most operating systems including Windows 10.

Doors Enterprise offers a range of useful reporting tools including Roll Call, Attendance/Absence and Time Sheets.  These are easily created with the simple 'Wizards'.  The Dormant Card policy allows you to decide how long a card should legitimately not be used.  This helps with users who are no longer authorised to access the property.  It is multi-user and can be used across multiple sites.  Up to 25 custom database fields can be created to tailor the software to your requirements.

Biometric Reader:

Continuing a tradition of product innovation, Progeny are delighted to announce the launch of their first Biometric reader. Biometric authentication is used as a form of identification and access control. Biometric identifiers are the distinctive, measurable characteristics used to label and describe individuals. 

Biometric Readers compare a physical feature of the person themselves with a template. If the comparison is successful, an ID number associated with that person is sent to the access control system.  Progeny's biometric fingerprint reader is a real innovation – with 4 stage sequential multi-factor authentication for enhanced security.  The new reader allows for 1, 2 or 3 factor authentication as it has RFID built-in.

The fingerprint reader recognises 'templates' which are stored on both the reader and the controller – ensuring that is the reader is swapped out, the controller has the back-up data and vice versa.  Up to 2000 templates can be stored, allowing the same number of users to use biometric authentication.

The Progeny biometric system is easy to use, with intuitive lighting to indicate success or failure at the reader (green light for authorised, red light for denied).  Enrolment to create the fingerprint template simply requires 3 presentations of the finger.  The fingerprint sensor on the reader ensures high accuracy and high speed identification.

Biometric access control is now an affordable with the launch of this high quality fingerprint reader, which can fully integrate into existing Progeny systems. With a low unit cost per door, it is accessible to all.

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