Protecting your world

Protecting your world

Frontier Pitts – Protecting Your World

Frontier Pitts is the Award-Winning British manufacturer of Security Gates, Automatic Barriers, Road blockers, Rising & Static Bollards, Pedestrian Control Gates & Turnstiles, and the Anti Terra Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) range which has been successfully IWA14 & PAS68 impact tested. From the United Kingdom headquarters in Crawley, Sussex, Frontier Pitts can provide a complete range of services including design, site surveys, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Frontier Pitts have recently been named by the Sussex Business Awards as the International Business of the Year. With equipment installed in over 100 countries, our Export figures have increased and our Project Managers and Engineers regularly fly around the World to ensure our equipment is installed in accordance to the relevant British Standards.

Since 2004, to fulfil our customer’s requirements to protect their sites from Acts of Terrorism such as the events in Nice and Paris, 9/11, 7/7 and Glasgow Airport where a Vehicle was used as a Weapon, Frontier Pitts has been impact testing to the International IWA14, British PAS 68 and American K12 specifications since 2004.

Today we have the complete range of impact tested products on the CPNI’s Catalogue of Impact Tested products. This includes a range of HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) to mitigate against VAW (Vehicle as a Weapon) attacks. Our Terra Gates, Terra Barriers, Terra Blockers, and a wide range of Rising and Static Terra Bollards have all been successfully impact tested to IWA 14 and PAS 68.

One of our latest products is the unique HVM PAS 68 Terra Quantum Side Folding Retractable Bollard. With a shallow foundation depth or only 300mm required, the Terra Quantum Bollard has been successfully PAS 68 impact tested stopping a 7.5t vehicle travelling at 30mph (48kph), resulting in zero penetration. The Terra Quantum Bollard is also the preferred option by Architects or Security Consultants for aesthetically pleasing, modern appearance welcomed for high profile, modern site designs.

Other new products include the Terra G8 Sliding Gate successfully impact tested to IWA14 which can secure widths of up to 8m and the Terra Shallow Blocker with embedment depths of only 300mm. For remote Critical National Infrastructure sites with limited or no power source, the manually operated Terra 180° Swing Barrier (IWA14 impact tested at 7.2t @ 48kph) and the Terra Ultimate 180° Swing Barrier (IWA14 impact tested at 7.2t @ 80kph) is the ideal solution.

Frontier Pitts invest heavily in Research and Development as part of our concerted efforts alongside the British Government to combat what is now an ever-present danger facing the national infrastructure. With the threat ever changing, Frontier Pitts have also designed and manufactured the only LPS1175 accredited Turnstile; the Terra Diamond Turnstile Security Rating 3 & 4 for forcible attack. This has also been Approved for Government Use, please contact CPNI.

Recent development has also seen the development of our LPS1175 Bi-folding and Sliding Platinum Security Gate range which are proven to withstand forcible attack by an intruder using a range of readily available hand tools. The Platinum Bi-folding Gate model is the first gate of its kind to achieve the forcible attack rating.

To mitigate against multiple threats a Layered Security Approach should be employed. LPS1175 Security Gates can be interlocked and back by HVM equipment to achieve the ultimate protection.

For very active CNI sites that have high access usage, Security Gates or Barriers can be interlock with the HVM equipment and be deployed during periods of high threat. A full Risk Assessment of the individual site should be completed, with an understanding of all assets requiring protection and their potential threats, to ensure all individual site requirements are met.

Frontier Pitts are also able to supply Building Information Modelling (BIM) on the NBS National BIM Library to meet PAS1192. 

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