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Perfect vision

New CORE & PRO Series cameras released for Paxton10

The international security technology manufacturer Paxton has announced the release of six brand-new cameras to their popular Paxton10 range.

Paxton has taken their newest and most powerful combined access control and video management security system to the next stage in its development. They have launched two brand-new and distinct camera ranges that are available to order now.
The new CORE and PRO Series cameras maintain all key features of the previous Paxton10 cameras. This includes edge processing for ultimate scalability, built-in edge storage, and a plug-and-play installation. The two ranges offer different benefits to both Paxton installers and system users with new hardware options providing more choice, flexibility, and scalability to suit a variety of projects and budgets.

What is Paxton10?
Paxton10 offers next generation access control and video management on one easy-to-use online platform. By combining both technologies, sites secured by the future proof system, benefit from the advantages of an integrated solution, without any of the complexity of traditional security systems.

End-users have the ability to use license free Bluetooth® smart credentials and the systems Multi-site management functionality. This makes remote site management simple from anywhere in the world and is ideal for sites where access tokens are frequently distributed for temporary use.

The system is compatible with Paxton’s door entry and wireless door handle range and can support up to 1000 doors and 1000 cameras from a single server. This makes Paxton10 Paxton’s most powerful and forward-thinking security system to date. There is currently nothing similar on the market, making it unique in its offering to potential installers and end-users.

Adam Stroud, Paxton’s CEO, explains: “We have been making access control systems for over 30 years. Over the last decade we have seen a clear desire for customers to have a single point of management for their security systems, which includes access control, video surveillance and alarm systems.

“Traditionally this has been achieved by integrating various products together, but unfortunately integrating systems is complicated. We believe that simple installation and a good user experience are key to value and effectiveness.
“This is exactly what inspired us to create Paxton10, a single combined platform that allows the seamless installation and simple management of access control and video surveillance.”

More Choice
The CORE and PRO Series cameras offer different specifications and pricing. Both provide installers and users more options, and greater versatility to mix and match on a project. They are suitable for installations of any size, making the systems combined access control and video management ability ideal to secure commercial, public, and residential buildings. This is particularly apparent where top-level security, smart device access, and remote monitoring are a priority.

Adam said: “Our new CORE and PRO Series cameras were inspired by the varying requirements of our customers. Sometimes a cost-effective option is needed, and sometimes a higher spec is more important. “We are now able to offer customers a real choice.”

Product Specifications
The high-performance PRO Series are top-end video recorders that take building surveillance to the next level. The range includes a 2.8mm mini-bullet, vari-focal bullet, and turret. All three 8MP cameras capture footage in crystal clear 4K HD. Storage will never be an issue thanks to the 256GB in-build memory, and the vari-focal bullet is also equipped with a vandal resistant IK10 rating.

The great-value CORE Series are a cost-effective solution for sites where hardware cost is a factor, but with no compromise on quality. The range includes a 2.8mm mini-bullet, mini-dome, and turret. All are 4MP cameras with 0.003 Lux industry leading low light performance and 64GB of in-built edge storage. The mini-dome has a IK10 rated metal exterior for those who need a more robust solution.

Paxton have focused on simplicity when it comes to a Paxton10 installation. When installing the cameras, the plug-and-play hardware is extremely easy to connect to a user’s Paxton10 network.
The system’s intuitive software has immediate automatic recognition and a drag and drop system. You simply plug in a camera, then name it and tell it where to record, then it just does. This makes the process efficient and will save installers a lot of needless troubleshooting time on site.

Adam concludes: “The cameras are designed to work seamlessly with Paxton10 and require almost no configuration. They can be up and running in minutes and come with our standard no hassle 5-year guarantee, free training, and expert customer support.”

See all the benefits of the new CORE and PRO series cameras at IFSEC 2022, where Paxton will be showcasing more technology than ever before. Their expert team will be on hand to reconnect in person for hands-on technology demonstrations. They’ll even be giving you the chance to win a smartwatch and one of three Paxton goodie bags worth £85, every day of the show.

Register for IFSEC to see Paxton and their new Paxton10 cameras in action.


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