Harvest the future

Harvest the future

Futureproofing access control with energy harvesting technology and cloud management

Buildings consume around 30% of the world’s energy*. Across many management functions, the growth in energy harvesting technologies promises to help reduce this consumption.

In a survey for the most recent ASSA ABLOY Wireless Access Control Report, 90 percent of industry professionals agreed sustainability considerations would influence their future choice of access technology**. Interviewees pointed to energy harvesting as one potential solution.

Powering building security devices without mains electricity should contribute to improved sustainability performance, as well as greater cost-efficiency and reduced maintenance.

Electronic cylinders self-powered by energy harvesting

ASSA ABLOY PULSE key-based access control is one leading self-powered access control technology. Operation is familiar and hassle-free: a user inserts their programmable key just like a standard mechanical lock. The power generated by inserting and turning — energy which is usually “wasted” — is instead harvested to power the lock’s encrypted electronic security.

PULSE locks are easier and faster to install than comparable electronic access technologies because they require no major adjustments to a door. An installer simply switches its existing mechanical cylinder for a PULSE cylinder.

Users enjoy the convenience. They carry one PULSE key pre-programmed with all their cleared permissions, no matter how many doors they need to open. Tim Timmins, Business development manager EAC at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEIA, explains: “While battery life in most wireless locks is very generous, ASSA ABLOY’s new PULSE locking range addresses concerns about both this and energy use. PULSE locks are energy-harvested: their microelectronics are powered by kinetic energy generated from key insertion and turning. They offer secure, programmable key-based electronic access control without cables or batteries.”

PULSE keys and cylinders are reusable and reprogrammable, simplifying employee or tenant turnover. Premises can equip almost any opening from the PULSE range which includes door cylinders, cam-locks, furniture locks and padlocks which can operate outdoors even in harsh climates.

The unique platform-based ecosystem for managing ASSA ABLOY PULSE offers another major benefit: maximum flexibility to adapt and grow a system in the future.

Flexible cloud-based access control boosts business agility

“PULSE locks are part of the Incedoä access control ecosystem,” adds Tim Timmins. “With this flexible, scalable access management platform, facility managers can deploy PULSE energy harvesting locking alongside other wireless and wired locking. Everything is controlled from a single software interface.”

When they choose Incedo Cloud access management, organizations can secure almost any opening with autonomous electronic locks like ASSA ABLOY PULSE, or in real time with a vast range of online wired or wireless devices. With Incedo Cloud, security teams can manage a wide range of access points and users remotely, while maintaining complete control over all their buildings — working smarter and more effectively.

Security managers issue building users with credentials of their choice. Building users gain access via smartcards, mobile keys stored on their smartphone or energy-harvesting smart keys. PULSE smart keys have an inbuilt RFID chip, so no one needs to carry two credentials.

The entire ecosystem is modular, designed for simple adoption, flexible management and easy expansion at any time and in any direction. An Incedo Cloud system can include both wired and wireless locks, all natively integrated and covering almost any application: for a handful of doors or hundreds, a startup or a staff of thousands across several locations.

Add new devices and credentials as your business grows

The flexibility and scalability of Incedo ensures an investment in Incedo is genuinely futureproofed. Managers have the flexibility to roll out multiple access control technologies and manage everything from the Incedo Cloud interface.

In addition to PULSE, the award-winning range of Aperio devices with built-in readers provides battery-powered locking for almost any door or opening, via the Aperio wireless handle, escutcheon, cylinder, security lock or server rack lock. Aperio devices can secure almost any wooden, glass or fire door. Because they are wireless — like PULSE — installation is quick and without disruption to walls or work.

An Incedo system may also incorporate high-security doors hardwired with ASSA ABLOY Signo readers. These upgrade door and identity security without compatibility worries. Signo readers are powered by SeosÒ, with the highest encryption and authentication standards. Each one supports almost any RFID credential and is mobile-ready when installed — Bluetooth, NFC and Apple Wallet.

A shared Seos backbone ensures all credential types may be deployed together, which makes gradual site upgrading easier. Incedo Mobile Keys work on most smart devices, including phones and watches.

The benefits of cloud access management

In any modern organization, business-critical teams want to stay in control from anywhere, at any time. This can be especially important in security, where unexpected issues are usually urgent — or time-sensitive, at least. Cloud management keeps staff in control from wherever they happen to be.

Cloud management simplifies budgeting and reduces unexpected IT expenditure: its simple subscription model prevents nasty surprise bills for hardware or support costs. The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre suggests another benefit: cloud security services may encourage good practice and improve organizational resilience***.

Security management must be agile and futureproof; cloud access control provides this. The inherent scalability of a cloud solution offers another huge advantage for businesses which may need to expand or pivot the use of space at any time.

It helps futureproof their access management system and processes.

PULSE protects new climate-conscious housing development

As a Premium Member of Green Building Council Denmark, the developer of Esbjerg’s new “A Place To” housing complex sought efficient access control to complement their contemporary style and sustainability ethos. Energy harvesting technology provided the answer.

More than 300 apartments connect with shared common “co-living” areas. There’s a cafe, fitness and yoga, a big screen, reading nooks and workstations, communal kitchens and more. Sustainability is core to their vision. As they grow — in Copenhagen, Horsens and beyond**** — A Place To aims for the operation and maintenance of all buildings to be DGNB-certified.

ASSA ABLOY PULSE key-operated electronic cylinders now secure their apartments: “We went for a future-proof solution which was maintenance-free and where we did not have to change batteries,” explains Peter Høpfner, COO and Founder. “It was a big plus with PULSE that keys and locks are battery and cable free.”

Security administrators manage building access control in the cloud with Incedo. They can change anyone’s access permissions online. Users update their own keys at integrated door-phones or online readers. This ensures resident access permissions are always current — enhancing security and supporting A Place To’s sustainability ethos at the same time.

To learn more about Incedoä Cloud, visit: https://www.assaabloy.com/group/emeia/solutions/topics/access-control/incedo/incedo-software-options/incedo-cloud

 *: www.iea.org/reports/buildings

**: https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/wacreport2021

***: www.ncsc.gov.uk/whitepaper/security-benefits-of-a-good-cloud-service

****: www.aplaceto.com/en/corporation

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