Diversity delivered

Diversity delivered

Access control should enhance the agility and flexibility of your business 

Hybrid working. Better use of space. Reducing energy consumption. These are just three among many challenges facing businesses of every type and scale. In an environment where change is a constant, security which is agile and futureproof helps to address them.

These challenges are greater still for a small or medium-sized organization. When being ready to expand or pivot the use of space at any time is an advantage, flexibility is key.

Choosing the right security and access control solution makes a real difference, to both management and the workforce.

Flexible control for agility and efficiency

A modern access control solution should offer a wide range of digital locks and credentials, allowing a business to manage their workspaces and workflows with maximum efficiency.

ASSA ABLOY’s Incedo access control solutions were designed for this purpose.

When they choose Incedo, organizations can secure almost any opening with autonomous electronic locks or in real time with online devices. They issue building users with credentials of their choice. And they manage everything from one place, via the flexible, scalable, intuitive Incedo platform.

It is easy to get started with Incedo. Businesses choose from a vast range of hardware. Doors, cabinets, gates, server racks and almost any other opening may be locked with a wireless or wired devices.

Building users gain access via smartcards, mobile keys stored on their smartphone, or battery-free smart keys. Our range of credentials can be used across our vast hardware choices. Incedo software manages this hardware and the security of users.

Installation is easy, with no complex integrations required. The entire ecosystem is modular, designed for simple adoption and easy expansion at any time and in any direction.

Incedo leaves business owners with more time to focus on their main task: the business

Energy-efficient devices for any application

An Incedo system can include both wired and wireless locks, all natively integrated and covering almost any application. A handful of doors or hundreds. A startup or a staff of thousands.

Incedo Cloud gives security managers the option to combine both online and offline management. For example, controlling access in real time, with online management of secure areas. Adding autonomous offline devices enables the business to control access to areas that previously have been uneconomical due to location, environment, or cost.

Wireless locking is provided by an award-winning range of Aperio devices with built-in readers: the Aperio wireless handle, escutcheon, cylinder, security lock and server rack lock. Aperio devices secure almost any interior door, including wooden doors, glass doors and fire doors.

Because Aperio locks are wireless, they are quick to install, without disrupting the fabric of the building. They consume up to 70% less power during use, than equivalent wired locks.

Also available in an Incedo system are PULSE key-operated digital cylinders. These are self-powered using energy harvesting technology, operating without wires or batteries. They consume no power in use.

The PULSE cylinder range includes door locks, cam-locks, furniture locks and padlocks which operate outdoors in even the harshest of environments. Almost any mechanical or electromechanical cylinder can simply be switched for a PULSE device and connected to Incedo without wires or drilling.

Alongside wireless locks, Incedo can also manage hardwired, high-security doors via ASSA ABLOY Signo readers. These upgrade doors and identity security without compatibility worries. Signo readers are powered by Seos®, a credential technology with the highest encryption and authentication standards. Each one supports almost any credential and is mobile-ready when installed — Bluetooth, NFC and Apple Wallet.

Flexible use — by smartphone, smart key or smartcard

For almost all door devices, building users can carry almost any credential. All common RFID technologies are supported, including iCLASS® and MIFARE®. Users can also unlock with an Incedo Mobile Key stored on a smartphone. A shared Seos backbone ensures all credential types may be deployed together in the same system, which makes gradual site upgrading easier.

Incedo Mobile Keys work on a broad range of mobile devices, including phones, tablets and smart watches. These mobile credentials are simpler and safer to administer than fobs or smartcards. Mobile Keys are sent over the air to employee smartphones, removing the need to buy plastic cards or schedule time-wasting credential handover meetings. Updating, revoking or adding new access rights is practically instant.

For added convenience, a PULSE energy harvesting key is equipped with RFID authentication technology. It can inserted into a PULSE cylinder to generate power. The same key doubles as a standard credential, able to unlock doors via a wall or inbuilt reader. For users and building managers, this is much more convenient than keeping track of two separate credentials.

Incedo Cloud, the easy way to take control

Different areas often have different security requirements. Where entrance doors or critical areas need real-time monitoring including alerts, some other areas in a building might have lower demands for physical security. Here, autonomous devices can be installed faster and more cost-efficiently, with no need for network cables or wireless hubs.

Incedo Cloud has the option to combine online and autonomous management. For example, controlling access to secure areas including entrances, labs, server rooms in real time, with online management. Adding autonomous devices alongside these enables the business to control access to areas that previously have been uneconomical due to location, environment, or cost. It gives security managers even more choice and convenience.

Because Incedo is built for flexibility, switching between online and autonomous management is always seamless, for both users and administrators. The only difference is how credentials are managed: online or via updaters.

Cloud access management to reinvent a business model: Kolovna Bike Rental

In Czechia, Incedo Cloud’s remote management and instant scalability helped Kolovna to reimagine bike rental on a national scale. Kolovna aims to make cycling more widespread, not only by offering Czech customers top-quality products, services and technical support, but also by streamlining trip logistics.

Kolovna‘s solution is to bring a secured bicycle container to popular cycling locations all over the country. Access to each container is filtered and monitored by electronic locks, so customers can safely park their own bike or rent one from the container.

This secure container solution for cycle hire is designed to increase the availability of rentals at leisure spots and to give customers peace of mind that their own equipment is safe.

Kolovna’s containers combine security with easy customer access, including unlocking via mobile keys on a smartphone. To achieve this, Kolovna needed an access control platform which could multitask without additional technologies, more software or extra staff. They chose Incedo, installing readers, a controller and door module in every container.

Incedo connects all Kolovna’s security software and hardware within one seamless system. Cloud management keeps Kolovna staff in control of their premises from anywhere. They can work in an office, at home or on the road.

Flexible access for flexible workspaces: Clockwise

Clockwise is a UK and European provider of shared offices and meeting rooms in multiple cities. How flexibly Clockwise deliver for their clients is essential to growing in such a competitive market.

This places high demands on door security and access control. Clockwise needs a broad choice of electronic devices to secure meeting rooms, private offices, communal spaces and main entrances, which may not all require the same lock type.

Because tenants come and go frequently, Clockwise facility managers need the tailoring of user access rights to be as easy as possible.

The range of Incedo-enabled devices and door hardware — managed by simple software — convinced Clockwise to choose Incedo for all their premises. Incedo now connects security software and hardware within a single, seamless ecosystem.

The diversity of Incedo-enabled devices offers Clockwise the ideal lock for every opening in their properties. Internal private office doors, “Zoom rooms” and meeting rooms — as well as communal area doors and entrance/exits — are secured with wireless devices from the Incedo range.

To learn more and download an Incedo™ Cloud solution guide, visit https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/incedo-business-cloud

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