Command, Control and, Intelligence

Command, Control and, Intelligence

The combining of traditional manned security with technology is revolutionising the security sector and, in turn, the command core of many security providers

Amulet, the specialist security business of the Churchill Group, is adapting to modern security challenges by establishing its new Command, Control and Intelligence Centre (CCIC).

It is vital that a security solution – from risk assessment through to incident management – works flawlessly and effectively end-to-end. The CCIC has physically brought together the relevant expertise to ensure this happens. The new centre more closely aligns Amulet with its intelligence partner, The Senate Group, by locating the CCIC at the Senate’s NSI Gold accredited operations centre.

The control room model of security is designed to bring together the physical and technological aspects of the industry and streamline communications between the two. Key features of the CCIC include intelligent monitoring and reporting, a 24/7 major incident response capability, lone worker protection and twin-layer back-up resilience.

The security sector is becoming increasingly complex; traditional and technology-based security solutions are being combined in a plethora of ways, which increases the onus on security providers to identify tailored solutions for each client.

Traditional iterations of security provisions are single-service offerings – manned security, CCTV, intelligence analysts, and threat assessments – which, when provided and managed separately, can lead to a disjointed experience for a client. As seen throughout the facilities management sector, managing a number of providers can quickly become a drain on resources; the CCIC ensures coherence by providing a single point of contact through integration. In doing so, it places the client in a far more powerful position to find a solution personalised to their needs.

The CCIC brings together expertise from every element of security provision, combining skills and knowledge to create a holistic view of the risks a client may face and craft a perfectly tailored solution – something which without true integration others are unable to offer. The face of manned security is changing as the cost of technology drops. Deployment is streamlined enhanced with technology. This integrated solution cannot work without a seamless route of communication, and an understanding from officers of the technological solutions they work with.

The new CCIC provides a full end-to-end solution. The centre, while still fulfilling the traditional control room function, brings Amulet in direct contact with intelligence analysists, incident management, CCTV alerts and much more. In addition to easing internal communication, this creates a single point of contact for the client to access all aspects of their security solution.

From the initial threat assessment and solution implementation, through to intelligence analysis, threat alerts and incident management, a complete solution is provided in one place. Previously siloed teams are now working side-by-side. This facilitates the sharing of skills, knowledge, and insight, which in turn benefits each team. Each specialist area has a holistic understanding of the environment of the security sector and can be more proactive, adapt to changing threats, and offer new solutions.

The seamless communication between teams and between specialists and customers is what places this new model for security ahead of the curve. In an age where communication is supposedly made easy through technology, the human side can be lost; 86 per cent of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. Working closely not only allows for more direct communication between teams, but also creates a greater understanding of one another’s work, so that specialists from different fields are better able to speak the same ‘language’.

Amulet places great importance in continuous innovation to manage a changing world of threats. The CCIC is host to quarterly innovation forums where clients are introduced to new developments in products and processes. Not tied to a single supplier of technology, Amulet ensures clients are given access to whatever caters best to their needs and has the expertise to propose a combined manned and technological solution.

Technological advances and data analytics make it easy to forget or dismiss how vital a role people play in the security sector. However, the nature of the sector requires it to protect from factors which often cannot be foreseen by technology. An experienced security officer can notice when a member of the public is acting strangely, or adapt to a situation which wasn’t predicted.

Security officers do far more than patrol an area; they are the first responders at an incident, have to make rapid decisions, and maintain order when those around them may be distressed. Control centres are important for officers on clients’ sites as places to check into and report back to. A well run centre is vital to ensure officer safety and, when combined with intelligence and data, can provide better information to officers, making their work more productive.

By bringing together the people that make the sector work within the CCIC, we are concentrating intelligence and creating a space for interaction and creativity. Advances in technology are not enough for a security firm to stay ahead of the curve. It is the integration of all resources; people, technology and intelligence and  the CCIC facilitates this seamless functionality of the fundamental parts of a security solution so Amulet can continually focus on service quality innovation.

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