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Clear-sighted security

Fans, visitors and employees at das Stadtwerk.Donau-Arena trust video technology from Regensburg

With over 150,000 visitors every year, das Stadtwerk.Donau-Arena in Regensburg is one of the premier event locations in the region. In a multipurpose hall of this size, of course security is of paramount importance. At the same time, however, it is essential to protect the personal privacy of fans, concertgoers and staff in keeping with the strict requirements of the law. As part of a modernisation project in 2017, the management therefore decided to install a video security solution from the Regensburg-based company Dallmeier.

Data protection and data security are valuable commodities even in the stadium

Data protection and data security are very important to the operators of das Stadtwerk.Donau-Arena. The fact that Dallmeier is based in Germany as well as many specific functions therefore guarantee compliance with the legal requirements, in particular the new European General Data Protection Regulation for protecting personal data. Examples of this are the “Privacy and People-Masking“ functions, with which individuals can be “pixellated” or certain areas can be covered, or the “dual control principle”. With the last function certain images can only be accessed by two personnel members at the same time, with different passwords, for use in police investigations, for example. Many other security and protection functions, e.g. for limiting retention time or resisting hacker attacks targeting the video system, ensure that all legal requirements can be met with Dallmeier technology, even if the regulations are changed.

Analyse details and still keep the big picture in sight: The “Panomera® effect”

Most importantly, das Stadtwerk.Donau-Arena wanted a system that would enable a rapid response to isolated incidents while maintaining an uninterrupted overview of the total picture. The multifocal sensor system of the patented Dallmeier Panomera® technology is designed to provide them with exactly that: If necessary, the operator can focus on a certain area, but capture and recording of all areas of the scene under observation continues simultaneously, without interruption and in the highest resolution. This means that an occurrence can be reconstructed subsequently wherever it occurred in a manner that is admissible as evidence, even if the operator was focussing on a different detail of the scene at the time. This is not possible with conventional PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras. The S8 Ultraline series of Panomera® cameras also offer good low-light sensitivity, which is important with the lighting conditions that prevail during events.

Security and data protection at the planning stage with innovative 3D technology

The high security and data protection standards are already built into the planning stage at Dallmeier. In the request for tender and bidding phase, the operations manager of das Stadtwerk.Donau-Arena, Peter Lautenschlager was therefore particularly impressed by the 3D model presentation, with which the planning experts from Dallmeier’s 3D-Engineering team supported the project from start to finish. “From the very beginning, we were able to obtain a very precise picture of what we would get later. And in the end, everything from the camera viewing angles to image resolutions over the entire observation area matched what was shown in the 3D model simulation exactly. So we were very soon able to plan with great confidence, keep a clear idea of costs throughout the process, and were finally completely satisfied after implementation. What we did find surprising was how much planning and project work could be done even at a very early stage using the 3D technology, `practically at the same time´”, recounts Peter Lautenschlager.

The “Factory Acceptance Test” as the last hurdle

The planning proposal and the bid resulting therefrom convinced the customer, and the project was executed jointly with the installation company, Dallmeier group member IPPI GmbH from late 2017 to early 2018. Prior to installation, the system was preconfigured and tested in the Dallmeier Factory Acceptance Test Center (FAT) to ensure 100% functional capability and trouble-free implementation.

Conclusion: Much more than just video cameras

The operators are extremely satisfied with the new systems. Peter Lautenschlager: “In an age characterised by both digitalisation and an increasing unpredictability of events, it was clear to us that we need to upgrade our camera and recording technology from analogue to IP systems and deploy modern security equipment. The quality of the images delivered by the new cameras is exceptional. The perfect harmonisation of camera technology and intelligent (live) observation and analysis enables us to receive meaningful image material so that we can act rapidly if intervention is needed. We want happy visitors and fans. With solution from Dallmeier, we have obtained exactly the right degree of data protection while offering the highest level of security. We are very glad to have chosen the right partner in Dallmeier.”

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