Anywhere access

Anywhere access

Cloud capability can transform the way you manage access

The business benefits of “managing from anywhere” are driving demand for cloud solutions — within security and beyond. In a recent survey of 1,000 decision-makers in diverse organizations across Europe, 78% anticipated increasing their use of hosted cloud services*. In 2021 alone, public cloud infrastructure is forecasted to grow by 35%**.

For access control and security in general, a cloud solution makes system management easier and more convenient. Implemented as part of many digital transformation strategies, it helps companies to design administration processes which are streamlined, location-independent and efficient.

Incedoä access control from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions is created for businesses who need a security solution which grows with them. It frees security managers to work remotely, too, while maintaining complete control over their building’s access points.

Incedo connects security software and hardware within a single platform. To accommodate the restless change and disruption of business life, Incedo enables scaling up or down on demand. New cloud management functionality built into Incedo Business Cloud keeps security and facility managers in control of their premises, from wherever they happen to be right now.

For any size of organization, switching to Incedo Business Cloud unlocks powerful cloud benefits with no high upfront costs and ongoing cost-effectiveness.

Cloud management helps companies control costs as they control access

Incedo Business Cloud solves many pressing daily challenges of access management. Managers no longer need to be on-site to handle day-to-day security. Incedo Business Cloud operates 24/7 from any PC with an internet connection. Installing the system is easy, with no complex integrations required. Software updates are regular and automatic; real-time reports and analytics are available with a few clicks.

Incedo Business Cloud works out of the box via a cost-efficient subscription service. Onboarding is fast. Security managers can also feel confident about confidentiality: Business and user data are safeguarded with an Information Security Management System certified to ISO/IEC 27001.

According to the “Wireless Access Control Report 2021”, more than one-third of companies now use cloud-based management to power their access control***. This proportion is likely to grow in the years ahead. Hybrid working is already booming. Working practices will become ever more convenience-oriented, flexible and mobile: “At work” increasingly describes a state of being, rather than a specific place.

For facility and security managers, a cloud software solution makes budgeting more predictable. It removes the need to hire additional in-house IT support or permanent maintenance teams: Managers know ahead of time how much resource to allocate and can scale infrastructure up or down quickly.

Diverse doors, devices and demands are handled by one system

Survey data suggests that companies will continue to manage access control using both locally hosted and off-site cloud solutions or Access Control as a Service****. The flexible Incedo ecosystem enables easy migration between all these local and cloud management options — at any time and in every direction.

Incedo Business Cloud is more efficient for everyone, from installers to access control end-users. A modular, platform approach makes both procurement and operation simpler. Managers choose the security hardware and credentials they need together with the appropriate management system.

All too often, security procurement involves difficult compromises: A system which works perfectly for one door or department leaves another with a solution which doesn’t quite meet its needs. Incedo eliminates these frustrating compromises. Multiple types of ASSA ABLOY wireless digital lock and wired ASSA ABLOY wall readers can secure doors. A choice of card and token credentials — or mobile keys on a smartphone — helps users enjoy safe and convenient access to, and movement around, any site or building.

Incedo in action: a major manufacturer with multiple door types to manage

At newly built commercial premises in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, power-tool manufacturer Makita stocks and distributes batteries, and runs wholesale supply logistics. They searched for a single, intuitive system to control every access point.

Yet, as at many sensitive commercial sites, not every door or opening is the same. Makita needed an access control solution with a comprehensive range of devices, to secure escape doors, entrances, interior doors and more.

“The diversity of access control devices available for an Incedo system was a decisive factor,” says Makita’s Richard Cimerman.

The Incedo platform connects the security software and hardware which Makita needs within a single, seamless ecosystem. The range of Incedo-enabled devices and award-winning door hardware convinced them — for this site and for future premises and refurbishments around Slovakia.

The new Banská Bystrica facility has an Incedo system controlling access through main entrances, fire doors and emergency exit doors, as well as interior doors fitted with AperioÒ battery-powered electronic escutcheons. User-friendly Incedo Business software manages and monitors everything together from a single control panel. It filters and restricts employee and visitor access to specific areas of the plant.

The fully modular, platform-based Incedo solution incorporates wired and wireless door locking devices from across the ASSA ABLOY range; card, token and secure mobile key credentials which can be used interchangeably; and a growing range of third-party security solutions. Makita’s system can be upgraded at any time to manage CCTV, video surveillance and alarms alongside access and door entry.

When security demands change at Makita Banská Bystrica, their Incedo system will adapt. With Incedo software, Makita can switch between local and cloud managed solutions whenever they choose. System size is scalable up or down, anytime and on demand, as security needs or space usage change. They are in total control of how their premises are managed — now and in the future.

Incedo™ Business Cloud embodies ASSA ABLOY’s vision to create a safer and more open world, keeping everyone on the move. Together. To download a free solution guide, visit


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