A Game changer

Paxton launches ground-breaking access control and video management system

Paxton’s next generation access control and video management solution, Paxton10, has officially launched to the UK market, following a roadshow which showcased the system to hundreds of installers.

Available from Paxton’s approved UK distributors, customers can now start benefitting from the easy-to-install yet powerful system, which combines access control and video management on a single platform.

The system

Paxton10 has been hugely shaped by installer feedback, following a period of in-depth research, development and engagement. The system supports multi-site management and remote access and is scalable from 1 to 1000 doors, and 1 to 1000 cameras.  Designed with ultimate simplicity in mind, it utilises the latest technology to deliver powerful features with only a small number of components required.  The system comprises a web-based user interface that supports remote access to the software from anywhere, at any time, with any device.

Features include:

  • Paxton10 smart credentials – in-built Bluetooth® wireless technology allowing smartphones or smartwatches to be used in place of traditional keys or electronic tokens
  • Paxton10 cameras – a first for Paxton, embedded with software engineered specifically for Paxton10
  • Multi-site management and remote access – providing installers with the option to offer a full security management service to their clients
  • Modular, single door system – ease of install and flexibility, with distributed intelligence to increase reliability
  • Fully compatible with Paxton products PaxLock and Entry
  • Migration path from Net2
  • Supported by wide range of tutorial videos and software wizards
  • Integrates with fire and intruder alarms as standard - simplify site security and health & safety procedures from the same interface that delivers your access control and video management.

Paxton10 cameras – a first for Paxton

Paxton10 has introduced for the first time ever, Paxton’s own video management software and range of cameras.

Providing a single point of management for system users, the new camera range is suitable for a wide variety of applications. They are embedded with the latest technology and Paxton’s own video management software with zero configuration required. All Paxton10 cameras are IP67 and IK10 rated, with 128GB on camera storage, industry leading low light performance (0.01 Lux), 4K Ultra-HD recording and centralised recording capability.   Paxton10 is also compatible with all third-party IP video cameras, including ONVIF Profile-S and RTSP.

Providing easily accessible smart video data, the Paxton10 video management software offers an extensive range of functionality, with real-time and recorded video footage. Features include motion detection zones, high-speed scrubbing, bookmarks, multi-speed playback and digital zoom, plus much more.

Paxton’s Chief Sales Officer, Gareth O’Hara, said: “Using the latest technology to combine access events and video footage in one place, Paxton10 will simplify site management and security and is the ideal platform to futureproof your site.

“We developed Paxton10 to meet the growing need for both access control and video to be managed via a single platform. A recent installer survey told us that of 1,406 sites fitted with our Net2 access control system, 936 had video surveillance, yet only 62 of these sites integrated the two. When we asked why, installers told us the complexity of installing two separate systems had been a barrier. We believe good technology should make things simpler, not more complicated. Paxton10 means you only need to install one system, not two.

“We believe it’s a game-changing system and, from the feedback we received at our roadshows, installers think so, too.”

For more information on Paxton10 available at https://www.paxton-access.com/


Bespoke training

Paxton is now inviting installers to sign up for bespoke Paxton10 Installer Training, which will cover everything needed to install, configure and maintain a Paxton10 system. The free training will be held at venues across the UK. For groups of four or more, training can be arranged at your premises. With hundreds already signed up, Global Training Manager Steve Woodbridge explains what the training will involve and the benefits it can bring.

Who is the training aimed at?

The training is aimed at security installers who are regularly installing access control and/or video surveillance systems. Installers will realise the simplicity of installing Paxton10 and will leave the workshop with the ability and the confidence to start installing it straight away. This also means customers can be confident the products are being fitted to high standards.

What will the workshops include?

They will be in our usual interactive style and content will include:

  • Configuring Paxton10’s feature-rich video management software and range of surveillance cameras
  • Managing Paxton10 software and apps
  • Native integration options and how these can streamline other services within the building
  • Making the best use of Paxton’s resources and leading support, including five-year no quibble guarantee on all products.

What do you think will surprise installers most about Paxton10?

Installers are already telling us they’re surprised by how powerful yet simple the system is.

I think they’ll also be pleased to see the range of Paxton10 cameras, as this is a first for us.

We’re particularly excited to show them how to use Paxton10 smart credentials. This means using a smartphone or smartwatch as an access token on the new Paxton10 system, using in-built Bluetooth wireless technology.

How do you support installers, once they have completed training?

As ever, our installers have lots of options. They can contact our technical support team six days a week or our UK sales organisation. In addition, we have created a wide range of supporting tutorial videos to help with all aspects of the new system ranging from, how do I issue Bluetooth smart credentials? How do I set up a Paxton10 camera? How do I create a dashboard? How do I set up a site plan? And much, much more.

How important is training to Paxton?

Very important. Last year we trained around 8,000 people from 5,500 companies globally and we’re set to exceed that number this year. The way we generate sales and keep our customers loyal is very simple - we show them how to install and use our equipment and we keep answering the phone if they have an issue.

Paxton10 training is held at Paxton’s head office in Brighton, Sussex. For groups of four or more, training can be arranged at your premises. Book now:  https://www.paxton-access.com/paxton10-training/