Bosch building integration system adds public address and improved cyber security

Bosch Building Integration System (BIS) Software version 4.2 is now offering seamless integration with the Bosch digital Public Address and Emergency Sound / Mass Notification System Praesideo, as well as enhanced cyber protection.

The robust system software solution Bosch BIS 4.2 for fire, intrusion, access control and video management, now also integrates easily with Bosch Praesideo, the highly reliable and scalable Public Address and Emergency Sound / Mass Notification System, used in over 15,000 facilities worldwide. Through the Bosch BIS all-in-one-screen interface, security operators at stadiums, industrial plants, airports, and more can play separate messages or background music simultaneously for selected audio zones. Pre-record messages also play automatically, activated by alarms or events. In emergencies, operators can monitor live video feedback, at the same time using a microphone and speakers to help guide people safely out of the building. A single screen increases operator efficiency, and allows for a faster emergency response.

Connecting multiple Bosch Praesideo subsystems or third-party public address systems across larger facilities is also easier and more cost efficient with the OMNEO* IP interface. Security managers profit from the Bosch Public Address systems with high-quality sound, minimum delay, and remote control of devices across multiple channels, all managed from a single, Bosch BIS 4.2 user interface.

Especially well-suited for mission or business critical applications such as government facilities, data management companies, and critical infrastructure, BIS 4.2 also pushes ahead of security standards to improve cyber protection in access control and alarm management systems. New OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol)v2 Secure Channel controller-reader encryption is combined with established client-server and card-reader encryption to create continuous data security throughout each step of the access control process. Improved user account controls prevent unauthorized access, improving protection not only against external hackers, but also against exploitation by internal offenders.

Bosch BIS 4.2 integrates the Bosch Praesideo Public Address and Emergency Sound / Mass Notification System and state-of-the-art cyber security, to keep people, buildings, and data even safer. For more information, visit